Nursing and allied health


Nurses are involved in collaborative care of individuals, families, and communities. Nurses use their clinical judgment to advocate and promote safe healthcare environments.

Nurses are involved in education, research, shaping health policy and patient care development.

Nursing at RMIT offers a strong theoretical grounding in anatomy, physiology, law, ethics and research-based practice. You’ll also become familiar in a clinical setting as early on as possible.

You’ll learn in fully staffed laboratories that simulate real clinical situations, so by the time you undertake your first placement, you'll already know how nursing workplaces operate, and what to expect from patients.

Our programs are fully accredited by relevant bodies, and are influenced by strong program advisory committees of practising professionals.

Allied health

Allied health workers work alongside health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists to facilitate rehabilitation and to encourage optimal health of patients.

Allied health assistants also support the training of people with disabilities to care for themselves and develop independent living skills.


Diplomas and certificates

Degrees and associate degrees

Postgraduate by coursework

Postgraduate by research

Up skill programs for Division 2 Registered Nurses in Victoria

  • Jessica Sonneveld

    “RMIT was an obvious choice for me as it has a fantastic nursing course that produces exceptional nurses.”

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  • Niesyl Arcilla

    “The placements helped me get acquainted with hospital settings and the simulations helped me improve my situational and critical thinking skills.”

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  • Muhammad Kaan

    “The staff are approachable despite different backgrounds, and the ability to interact and make new friends is amazing.”

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  • Colin Harris

    “For anyone planning a career in nursing, you need to be prepared to work hard and be challenged constantly.”

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  • Sheymemah Mahomed-Osman

    “The industry placements really prepared me for the world of work.”

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  • Eliza Otte

    “If you have a passion to care for people and want to help people in times of joy and times of pain then this course is for you.”

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