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  •  PhD Juice Bar 21/08/2014Dr Humbert uses data visualization to provide a multidisciplinary overview of topological tools that nature uses to generate life.
  •  Sensing with Smartphones and the Internet of Things 21/08/2014Dr Flora Salim will describe her experiences in dealing with various types of sensors, and using crowd-sourced data, to develop safer roads, greener buildings and more sustainable living.
  •  The Conversation and the public discourse 21/08/2014Misha Ketchell, Managing Editor of The Conversation , examines independent news publishing in the changing media landscape.
  •  Drug Detection in Sport 21/08/2014This lecture looks at drugs in sport and the technology that enables compounds to be identified - making analytical scientists crucial to modern sporting events.
  •  An activist in the archives: Scorsese as film historian 21/08/2014In this public lecture, film scholar Ian Christie looks at Martin Scorsese's practices on and in film.
  •  Streetworks 21/08/2014Peter Burke’s performative artworks on the street and in the marketplace use humour and street vendor-style strategies to engage directly with audiences.
  •  RMIT and AIR Krems Arts Residency Exchange 21/08/2014Relying on absurd and experimental ways of thinking, these projects explore the process of mechanical production.
  •  The politics of sex 22/08/2014Professor Linda Brennan presents in the Centre for Communication, Politics and Culture, Shortcuts to Research Seminar Series.
  •  Writers Across Borders 24/08/2014A lively session of shared experiences of cultural immersion and exchange, which includes readings from the participants’ diverse bodies of work.
  •  Doing More with Less in Managing Civil Infrastructure 25/08/2014Professor Sujeeva Setunge outlines the current challenges and knowledge required for optimised and sustainable decisions.
  •  Colloquium on Qualitative Research Methods in Business and Accounting 25/08/2014The 7th annual colloquium will cover a range of qualitative research methods and issues in the business and commerce-related disciplines.
  •  HIRi Seminar Series- Professor Jacqui Matthews 26/08/2014This seminar covers structural and biophysical approaches to understanding how gene regulatory complexes control normal blood cell development but can also contribute to leukemia.

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