RMIT aims for a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience.

Customise your experience

You may get the best experience of this and other websites by customising your computer to meet your needs. The BBC My Web, My Way website provides guides about using accessibility features of your computer or installing assistive tools to improve how websites work for you.

RMIT provides its students and staff a range of assistive software for use on RMIT computers. These can be requested through IT Service Desk.

Known issues

  • Third-party systems that provide RMIT services: Some systems linked from the RMIT website fail minimum standards of accessibility. RMIT has purchasing rules in place to help ensure new systems and upgrades meet minimum standards of accessibility.
  • PDF files: These are sometimes used for detailed reports, or for printable information that was difficult to present in plain web page formats. RMIT web publishers are encouraged to provide information in plain web page formats first, PDFs for supplementary information, with training in how to prepare accessible (tagged) PDFs.
  • Forms: It is not possible for web publishers to create accessible web forms using the current publishing system. This will be improved as RMIT moves to a new web platform in 2014.
  • Tables: It is not possible for web publishers to include captions and descriptions to describe data tables using the current publishing system. This will be improved as RMIT moves to a new web platform in 2014.
  • Video: Older videos may not have text descriptions or captions. This is being addressed for new videos, and some priority older videos.
  • Link focus on home page: Keyboard users may have difficulties navigating the page, because link focus behaves inconsistently in different browsers and some content is only available on mouse hover.
  • reCAPTCHA for Self Service Password Reset: Students and staff who cannot use image and audio reCAPTCHA puzzles can contact the IT Service Desk directly for password assistance.

Reporting problems

To report a problem you have using this website, please email This will help us make improvements. Use this guide to contacting organisations about inaccessible websites for what information to include in your feedback.

More information

RMIT’s Web Accessibility Policy guides RMIT staff on how to create and maintain accessible websites.

March 2014