Psychology is the science of the mind and human behaviour. It focuses on the wonders of the human brain, looking into mental states and processes to try to understand why humans behave as they do.

Psychologists conduct research and provide treatments including counselling to help reduce distress, behavioural problems and psychological problems.

Psychology at RMIT is situated on both the City and Bundoora campuses, and offers a full suite of APS-accredited programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Teaching clinic

An on-campus Psychology Teaching Clinic offers the general public clinical sessions which are primarily conducted by postgraduate psychology students completing their fifth, sixth, or seventh year of study as registered provisional psychologists. They are supervised by and work closely with senior psychologist clinic staff who are RMIT staff members.


A minimum six-year sequence of education and training in psychology is required for an individual to become eligible for general registration as a psychologist in Australia. Find out more about accreditation.



Postgraduate by coursework

Postgraduate by research

  • Thilini Marasinghe

    “I was attracted to RMIT as the program has a good structure and the extra-curricular activities appealed to me.”

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  • Luke Tipping

    “The Psychology program teaches you about all the different fields of psychology which prepares you for the real world applications.”

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  • Christine Kennedy

    “Through my studies I have gained the ability to read journal articles, understand statistics and psychology theory.”

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