Research Institutes

Our four Research Institutes are the flagships of RMIT’s research endeavour and reputation. They contribute to global knowledge in our areas of expertise.

Research Institutes bring together multidisciplinary teams to undertake high-impact industry-focussed research to solve complex research questions of national and global significance.

They are the flagships of RMIT’s research culture and reputation. They are creating pathways for leading academics to connect across disciplines and build areas of critical mass in key areas of focussed research.


The Institute develops and funds a new transdisciplinary approach to design research in a terrain at the intersection of education, research and industry.

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Global Cities

The Institute brings together key researchers working to understand the complexity of globalising urban settings from provincial centres to mega-cities.

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Health Innovations

The Institute seeks to better connect the diverse communities around health enterprise to address the changing needs of biomedical research and society.

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Platform Technologies

The Institute leads research in the areas of smart materials and systems, linking new discoveries and emerging technologies to applications.

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  • The Turn Series: The Experiential Turn 12/11/2014Activate your senses for a cross-disciplinary exploration of memory, perception and performance in The Experiential Turn.
  • HIRi Seminar Series - Dr Gyorgi Panyi 24/11/2014Dr Panyi will discuss the biochemical, structural and pharmacological features of Vm24, a natural peptide isolated from the Mexican scorpion, Vaejovis mexicanus smithi.
  • HIRi Seminar Series- Associate Professor Peter Noakes 25/11/2014Associate Professor Peter Noakes from the University of Queensland will hold a seminar at the Health Innovations Research Institute’s 2014 Seminar Series, a range of discussions which will address key health issues.

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