This is how you roll: E-scooter facts

This is how you roll: E-scooter facts

Want to take a ride? Know the facts about e-scooters before jumping on.

Thinking about getting an e-scooter to avoid Melbourne's traffic or constant bus replacements on your train line? Maybe you like to zip around from work to uni on the back of one (after all, it can be a lot more fun that squishing onto a peak-hour tram).

E-scooters have been trialled in the Melbourne CBD since 2022 and are a popular mode of transport for locals and tourists alike. In less than a year the RACV counted over 2.8 million e-scooter rides over the trial, but during that time Victoria Police also handed out 865 e-scooter fines, mostly for failing to wear a helmet, riding on the footpath and carrying more than one person.

So before you take your next ride check out the facts below to make sure you're following the rules and can enjoy scootin' around safely.

Owning your own e-scooter

As of 5 April 2023 the ban of private e-scooters was lifted in Victoria as part of a 6 month government trial. It is important that if you do wish to ride either a public or private e-scooter that you are aware of the rules to avoid financial and even possibly criminal penalties.

  • You cannot privately own a e-scooter that has a max speed of more than 25 km/h
  • If you own and ride an e-scooter that is a high speed e-scooter (capable of more than 25 km/h), it will be considered as an unregistered vehicle. Riders of an unregistered e-scooter could face a fine of $925. 
E scooter in text image Avoid injury and fines by making sure you wear a helmet during your e-scooter ride.

Laws around the use of e-scooters

Any offence committed whilst driving an e-scooter may result in loss of any licence or permit held.

Can I drive on the footpath?

No, use of e-scooters on footpaths is prohibited. Riders are not to use footpaths under any circumstances.

Where can I ride my e-scooter?

Drivers are allowed to ride on bike paths, shared-use paths and roads where the maximum speed limit is 60 km/h or less.

How fast can I drive my e-scooter?

A maximum 20 km/h speed limit applies for all e-scooters. Speeding on an e-scooter can result in a $231 fine.

How many people can ride an e-scooter?

Only one person is permitted to ride an e-scooter at a time. Carrying a passenger whilst riding an e-scooter is against the law.

Am I allowed to use my mobile whilst driving an e scooter?

No, using a mobile device whilst operating an e-scooter is illegal can result in a fine of $555.

Can I drink whilst operating an e-scooter?

Drinking is not permitted whilst riding an e-scooter. If a rider exceeds 0.05 BAC or zero presence for prescribed drugs they will be subject to the same penalty regime as if they were operating a standard motor vehicle. This may result them losing their licence or possibly facing criminal charges.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Riders must wear a helmet at all times whilst operating an e-scooter. Riders will be subject to a $231 fine if caught driving without a helmet.

Can I lead my pet whilst operating my e scooter?  

Riders are not to lead an animal on their e-scooter under any circumstance. E.g. attaching a lead to handle bars. 

Anything else I need to know?

Yep! Remember that all traffic light signals needs to be obeyed whilst using an e-scooter!

Where can I find out more? 

You can find out more by checking out the Victoria Police page on e-scooter rules here, and you can also find more information via the Vic Roads website here.

Using an e-scooter as an independent contractor

E-scooters are becoming a popular mode of transport and are often used in the gig economy for food deliveries. However, it's crucial to understand the rental agreement before signing, as it contains legal obligations that could lead to financial loss if you don’t adhere to it.

The rental agreement generally sets out the conditions and terms of use of an e scooter. It's unlikely that the rental agency will insure the e-scooter for loss, damage, or theft, so it's highly recommended to secure your own insurance, including 'third party' insurance to cover any damage caused to others' property. You will also need to ensure that the insurance you purchase is suitable if you intend to rent an e scooter for food delivery.

Failure to have appropriate insurance could expose you to financial risk and a negative impact on your credit report. Always make sure to read insurance documents carefully to understand when you might not be covered, such as in instances of speeding or drinking.

Need more help? If you have a legal question or need advice, the RMIT Student Legal Service offer free and confidential help to all current RMIT students.

26 June 2023


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