Applications are assessed by specialist staff and based on evidence of the unexpected circumstances outside your control and their impact on your performance in an assessment task.

All communication will be via your RMIT student email account. You can expect at least two emails to:

  1. acknowledge receipt of your application
  2. advise you of the outcome of your application.

If your application is incomplete when submitted, we'll email you asking for further information and/or documentation to support your application.

You’ll receive an outcome email up to 10 working days after the notification your application is complete. The email will state the outcome for each assessment task listed in your application. The standard outcomes are ‘granted’, ‘denied’, ‘cancelled’ and ‘withdrawn’.

If you’re granted special consideration, it’s important that you follow any instructions and recommendations in your outcome email.  Where an outcome requires you to contact the course coordinator by a given date, you must do so otherwise the outcome may be deemed to have lapsed.


After applying, check your email often, read your messages carefully and respond to any requests by the specified date.

Keep in touch – email us at if you're having difficulties obtaining supporting documentation. If you don’t respond to a request for more information or documents, we may have to cancel your application. 

Types of outcomes

Outcomes of applications for special consideration are detailed in section 5.3.6 of the Assessment and assessment flexibility policy and include (but aren’t restricted to):

  • Equivalent assessment: your course coordinator decides the form of equivalent assessment task.
  • Deferred assessment: a further opportunity to sit the assessment.
  • Extension of time: if you've applied for an extension, continue to work on the assessment and submit it as soon as you can, even if you haven't yet received your outcome.
  • Late course withdrawal without academic penalty.
  • Cancellation, denial or withdrawal of an application.

The following outcomes are not available:

  • An increase in the mark you achieved in an assessment.
  • A transfer or increase in the weighting of other assessment tasks so that the assessment task affected by adverse circumstances is no longer required.
  • Supplementary assessment.

While an application may be approved, outcomes provided are subject to change. If we receive relevant information that leads to the outcome being changed, we will notify you of a revised outcome.

It may not be possible to always approve assessment adjustments and there are some circumstances in which Late course withdrawal without academic penalty is the only available outcome.

Cancelled, denied and withdrawn outcomes

An application may be cancelled if: 

  • it’s submitted late
  • the requested supporting documentation is submitted late, or not at all.


You may request a review of the cancellation no later than five working days after the outcome is sent to you. Send your request and supporting documents to  Late requests won’t be accepted.

You’ll be notified of the review outcome within 20 working days. The reviewer's decision is final.

You're unable to appeal to the University Appeals Committee when your request for special consideration has been cancelled – see section 4.8 of the Assessment Processes for more information.

Your application may be denied if:

  • You were absent from required learning activities because of circumstances that were within your control.
  • You misread the details or instructions for an assessment or forgot you had to submit/sit an assessment.
  • An electronic file of your work becomes corrupt, or your hard drive is damaged or affected by viruses, and you haven’t kept a back-up of your work (eg. on an external hard drive, Cloud, USB, etc.).
  • You went on holiday during the relevant teaching period or at a time when you might reasonably be expected to be available for an assessment.
  • You were managing the workload from other RMIT course/s.
  • You were managing activities arising from voluntary representation as a member of a club or society.
  • You experienced IT-related problems that could have been prevented, avoided or the effects minimised by reasonable diligence.
  • You were seeking special consideration on the grounds of the University’s transition to an online teaching, learning and assessment environment.
  • You describe and document other circumstances that aren’t unexpected or outside your control.

If your application is denied, the reasons for this will be provided in writing.


You may be eligible to appeal a denied special consideration outcome to the University Appeals Committee. You need to apply within 10 working days from the date of the outcome email and meet the grounds of appeal stated in section 7.25 of the Assessment Processes. Late appeals will not be accepted.

To submit an appeal, follow the instructions on the appeals web page.

Your application may be withdrawn if:

  • You’ve submitted a duplicate application, i.e. an application for the same course, assessment type, weighting and date/due date that’s already detailed in a previously submitted application.
  • You enrolled late into a course or program. Late enrolment is not grounds for special consideration, because when your school accepts your late enrolment they are then required to make arrangements for you to catch up on any missed work. Please contact your course/program coordinator for assistance if required.
  • Your placement has been terminated.
  • You’re requesting an extension of time up to 7 days in advance of the assessment due date. In this case, apply for an extension of time.  
  • What you’re seeking is not available as an outcome of a special consideration application (see Types of outcomes above for details).
  • You have an allegation or finding of misconduct at RMIT. If there’s no final finding of misconduct you can reapply.
  • You are requesting a further opportunity to complete a micro-credential after failing all permitted attempts to complete it.
  • You are applying for special consideration to resubmit a previously completed assessment in order to obtain an opportunity to achieve a higher grade. 

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