You can lodge an appeal directly with RMIT against one of the following decisions:​

  1. Leave of absence outcome​
  2. Request for release (transfer education provider) if you meet the eligibility criteria requirements
  3. Attendance requirements (for VCE & Foundation Studies students only)
  4. Amending study duration (eCoE request)​

​Information on appealing another matter can be found here.​

​You must remain enrolled and attend all classes as normal until the appeal outcome is known.​

​To lodge an appeal, you must complete the form within 20 working days of the notice of RMIT’s decisions. Strict timelines apply for appeals. ​

​As part of this process you need to:​

  1. provide new relevant supporting evidence AND​
  2. clearly demonstrate that your circumstances are compassionate and/or compelling
  3. for transfer provider applications you must also meet the eligibility criteria requirements.​

​For assistance in writing an appeal, please contact a Student Support Advisor.​

​You will be notified in writing (via student email) of RMIT University’s decision regarding these matters.​​

International Student Appeal Form.

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August 2019
RMIT International Compliance (IACRR)​
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National Code 2018​
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