Appeals forms

If you're lodging an appeal, it's important that you use the correct appeals form below to comply with the University’s policies and procedures. 

How to lodge an appeal

Follow the instructions on the appeals form. Different forms may have different instructions, including deadlines for appeal submissions.

Assistance and advice

Need help with your appeal? Use the contacts below.

University Appeals Committee Secretariat

tel. +61 3 9925 8846
tel. +61 3 9925 8964

College Appeals Committee Secretariats

Tel. +61 3 9925 5680

Design and Social Context 
Tel. +61 3 9925 2967 

Science, Engineering and Health 
Tel. +61 3 9925 9520

RMIT Student Union

The RMIT Student Union (RUSU) employs professional advocates who can give you advice and assistance with appeals. This is a free service for all RMIT students. If you wish to use this service, you are encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible.