RMIT recognises your right to raise concerns and complaints about academic, administrative and support services without fear of a negative outcome or reprisal.

Check whether the Student and Student-Related Complaints Policy covers your issue and what other options are available to resolve your concern.

Follow these steps to submit and resolve your complaint as quickly and fairly as possible.

Find answers to questions about privacy and anonymity, and how long it takes to resolve a complaint.

Safer Community

If you're feeling unsafe or unsure what to do about threatening or unwanted behaviour, including sexual harassment or assault, you can talk to Safer Community about your concerns and options, even if the behaviour happens off campus.

RMIT student complaints policy and procedure

Student and Student-Related Complaints Policy

The policy provides a framework for current, former and prospective students to seek resolution of complaints relating to aspects of their experience or engagement with RMIT.

Student and Student-Related Complaints Procedure

The procedure ensures a consistent, coordinated and supportive approach to timely and fair resolution of student and student-related complaints. It details the rules for student and student-related complaint resolution.