DGSS Research Network

The DGSS Research Network is run by and for researchers at RMIT who identify as and/or conduct research with the LGBTIQ+ communities. The DGSS Research Network is a safe space where we can express our identities and discuss our work within a supportive community of scholars.

The Network runs monthly seminars as well as monthly social catch ups. The seminars are grounded in DGSS research as well as issues for researchers who identify as DGSS. We are new and are growing fast so if you would like to join us, please contact Emily Gray from the School of Education: emily.gray@rmit.edu.au

The DGSS Research Network is co-coordinated by:

  • Emily Gray (she/her): Senior Lecturer, School of Education
  • Alexandra Ciaffaglione (she/her): PhD Candidate, School of Education
  • Sharon Greenfield (she/her): PhD Candidate, School of Media and Communication
  • Xiaofei Yang: PhD Candidate, School of Media and Communications

RMIT DGSS Working Party (staff and students)

The RMIT DGSS Working Party consists of staff and student representatives from the DGSS community, including people from Human Resources, ARG, Careers and Employability, Student Wellbeing, IT Services, Communications, and the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) Queer Collective to advise on DGSS inclusive policy and practices.

The Working Party is co-chaired by the Manager of the Equity and Diversity Unit, and two RMIT Alumni (and former RUSU Queer Officers). They also sit on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which feeds into the Vice Chancellor's Executive Group.

The Working Party meets quarterly, with some extraordinary meetings of sub-groups to organise events and facilitate targeted initiatives. If you have suggestions that you would like to feed in to the Working Party, you can send them through to inclusion@rmit.edu.au

RUSU Queer

The RUSU Queer Department exists to represent, advocate for and empower RMIT students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex, and those who are curious about or questioning their sexuality.

Queer Lounges:

  • City Campus Lounge: Building 5, Level 1, Room 17
  • Bundoora Campus Lounge: Building 202, Level 2, Room 24
  • Brunswick Campus Lounge: Building 515, Level 1, Room 12

Website: https://www.rusu.rmit.edu.au/queer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RUSUQ

Email: rusu.queer@rmit.edu.au

Celebrating Pride

Pride month may be celebrated in June each year, but we know that pride can be felt and shared every day all year round. Here are so ways you can celebrate pride at RMIT.


  • You don’t have to go all out! Wearing an ally pin or rainbow lanyard can be a small and effective way to remind you of pride. 
  • Do what means a lot to you. Pride is celebrated differently by everyone so however you choose to show it, do it for yourself first.
  • Watch a DGSS TV show, listen to music and get crafty – paint your nails rainbow!
  • Educate yourself, read some articles and learn something new about DGSS issues.
  • Attend a (virtual) event and get together with community in solidarity and support.


Beyond RMIT University

Beyond RUSU Queer and RMIT, there are many other DGSS social groups and community networks that you might like to explore being a part of, including:

You can make a suggestion to this list by emailing inclusion@rmit.edu.au.

DGSS information for staff

For information about staff initiatives, including RMIT's DGSS action plan, click here (staff login required).