What is How2RMIT?

How2RMIT sessions are packed with valuable information that will help new and returning students make a smooth start to the semester and succeed at RMIT. Over two sessions, you'll learn about getting started at RMIT, how to tackle studying remotely, ways to make friends and get involved in the RMIT community, free support services, and lots more.

Two online sessions

How2RMIT is divided into two online sessions run via Microsoft Teams.

Part A: Get Ready, 1 hour

This session will show you everything you’ll need to know and do before classes begin.

  • Get organised: Learn about your student email, fees, loans and payments, enrolment, timetables and other student admin essentials
  • Navigating RMIT: Find out how to get your questions answered at RMIT and find your way around online and on campus
  • Study basics: Find out about what to expect this semester, class types, assessments and study supports

Part B: Get Ahead, 45 minutes

There's more to uni success than study, classes and exams. This session shows new and current students how to get the most out of your time at RMIT and set yourself up for success. 

  • Get involved: Learn about clubs, activities and other ways to meet new people online and on campus
  • Reach Out: Understand the range of confidential guidance and support services
  • Get Job Ready: Discover all the career support services available in person and online at RMIT to help you get job ready

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Who should attend?

All students! Whether you are new to university or returning, you're guaranteed to discover something new and useful from attending How2RMIT.

Are you an international student aged under 18? We offer How2RMIT sessions specifically for you! In addition to the information covered in a general session, you'll find out about your rights and responsibilities, support services and accommodation options.

Did you miss your orientation week? How2RMIT keeps running after classes start so you can attend and get the key information you need.

Register for How2RMIT

How2RMIT Part A: Get Ready

Part A sessions are specific to your program level, so make sure you register for the right one! New students are encouraged to attend a Part A session before their program induction and commencement of classes.

More sessions will be added regularly.

Program level Date, time and registration



Tue 23 June, 10am Register


Wed 1 July, 12 noon Register


Tue 7 July, 4pm Register


Wed 15 July, 10am Register


(Masters, Graduate Diploma,

Graduate Certificate)

Tue 23 June, 10am Register


Wed 1 July, 12 noon Register


Tue 7 July, 4pm Register


Wed 15 July, 10am Register

Associate Degree

Thu 25 June, 10am Register


Tue 30 June, 4pm Register


Fri 10 July, 12 noon Register

Diploma and

Advanced Diploma

Thu 25 June, 12 noon Register


Tue 30 June, 2pm Register


Wed 8 July, 12 noon Register

Certificates I-IV

Tue 23 June, 12 noon Register


Thu 2 July, 2pm Register


Wed 8 July, 10am Register

International students

aged under 18

Wed 8 July, 2pm Register


Wed 15 July, 2pm Register

How2RMIT Part B: Get ahead

Program level Date, time and registration
All students

Thu 2 July, 4pm Register


Tue 7 July, 10am Register


Fri 10 July, 2pm Register


Wed 15 July, 12 noon Register


Sessions will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. Download Microsoft Teams via the Office 365 Education website (log in with your RMIT student email eg. s1234567@student.rmit.edu.au). Click here for detailed installation instructions (PDF).

We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer with stable internet connection when you attend How2RMIT online sessions.


What students say about How2RMIT

“This session was engaging and made me feel reassured that, if I get stuck and don't know where to go, I can always reach out for help.”

“It was a fantastic introduction to university life at RMIT and a great opportunity to get questions answered.”

"It provided with me with an insight into uni life and made me feel welcome and prepared. The current students providing the presentation were down to earth, creating a good atmosphere where you feel safe while giving tips and details into beginning uni and how to go about it."

“The presentation provided lots of much needed information on facilities and services in RMIT.”

“It is a really big help knowing the university has tonnes of support and does not allow you to feel alone.”


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