First of all, welcome! We're looking forward to seeing you on campus. If this is your first Semester at RMIT – follow these 3 steps to get familiar with RMIT, your program and your campus.

1. How2RMIT

Get the tips, tricks and the insider hints of student life at RMIT with a unique induction and campus tour experience from students who work at the university.
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2. Program orientation

Learn about your studies from the program managers and lecturers you'll be learning with. Also find out about Program Enrolment Information sessions available to you. Your school will email you. 

3. Welcome events

Whether you're new or returning, discover your campus with a series of fun and inclusive events throughout the first few weeks of semester.
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What would you like to do? 

Welcome events

Check back in January for Semester 1 2020 welcome events.

Make friends

Join a club

Get active

Explore Melbourne

Check back in January for Semester 1 2020 trips and tours.

International students