When you enrol at RMIT you are required to select courses according to a specific structure. This may include selecting and enrolling into courses that have requisites (prerequisites and corequisites).

In some cases, your success in a course may be dependent on prior knowledge or completion of a previous RMIT course (prerequisite course) or concurrent enrolment in a specified RMIT course (corequisite course).

All course requisites are outlined in your official course guide.

Enforced requisites

An enforced requisite is a prerequisite course which you must have successfully completed, or a corequisite course in which you must be concurrently enrolled.

If the course you want to enrol in has enforced requisite/s, Enrolment Online will prevent you from enrolling in that course if you haven’t met these requisite/s.

Enrolment Online will permit you to conditionally enrol in a course with enforced requisite/s provided you’re enrolled in the requisite/s in an earlier semester. However, your enrolment in that course will be automatically withdrawn if you do not ultimately meet the requisite/s for that course. If this happens, you will be notified by email.

Enforced requisite waivers

If you believe you have the required knowledge to successfully complete the course, you may apply for an enforced requisite waiver via Enrolment Online.

To be eligible for a waiver you must satisfy one of the following conditions:

  1. You have completed the course/s specified in a previous requisite statement for the course.
  2. You have completed the course/s equivalent to the course specified in the requisite statement within the last 10 years at RMIT University. Note: in this situation you still need to apply for credit for the enforced requisite.
  3. You have submitted an appeal against the final grade you received for the requisite course/s.
  4. You have previously applied and been approved for a waiver for the requisite course/s.
  5. You have met the requirements other than through completing the specified RMIT course/s, e.g. completion of equivalent courses at another institution.

How to apply for an enforced requisite waiver

When you enrol in courses in Enrolment Online, the system will check that you have met all enforced requisite/s. If you haven’t, the system will alert you and present a link to apply for an enforced requisite waiver.

You can choose to apply for an enforced requisite waiver, or you can choose to enrol in other courses instead.

If you are seeking a waiver for more than one course, you will need to submit a separate waiver application for each course.

What you need to apply

You should attach evidence that you have satisfied the requisite/s.

Example 1: If you have completed an equivalent course at another institution within the last 10 years and you believe that course satisfies the requisite, you must attach a transcript of results and a course description (equivalent to a course guide entry) as evidence. Note: in this situation you still need to apply for credit for the enforced requisite.

Example 2: If you have submitted an appeal against the final assessment result you have received for the enforced requisite course, you must attach evidence of your appeal.

After you submit your application

Your application will be assessed by your college/school and you will be advised of the outcome by email.

You can also track the status of your application in Enrolment Online.