You must study full-time and no more than one third of your program can be studied online. This requirement is in line with the RMIT Enrolment Process. It is paramount you finish the program at RMIT within the expected date, which is the end date of your eCoE.​

RMIT is only allowed to extend the duration of your study if:​

If you will not complete your program by the expected completion date and meet one of the above requirements, you need to apply for a new eCoE.

You need to have received all results from the current semester of study to begin the process to renew you eCoE to avoid further changes later if you have failed a course.​

​If you apply for a visa using a eCoE that has an incorrect program completion date, you may be required to lodge a further visa application which will be at your own expense.​ ​

Status & Details

Last updated ​
August 2019​
RMIT International Compliance (IACRR)​
In accordance with ​
National Code 2018​
Standard 8
​Enrolment Process 2019
Enrolment Policy 2017