You may need to renew your eCoE if you will not complete your current program by the estimated completion date.

We suggest you wait until receive all your results before starting the process to renew your eCoE. This is because if you fail a course after you have applied the eCoE end date may be affected. If you apply for a visa using an eCoE that has an incorrect course end date as a result of this, you may be required to lodge a further visa application which will be at your own expense.

RMIT is only allowed to extend the duration of your study if:

  • There are compassionate or compelling circumstances, for example you were sick for a long time or you failed a pre requisite unit, or
  • RMIT is working with you on an intervention strategy because you are at risk of unsatisfactory academic progress, or
  • You have been granted a leave of absence

To successfully complete the eCoE request form you must:

  • Include the reason you need an extension along with supporting documentation
  • Ensure your School fills out section B (your application cannot be processed until the School has completed section B)
  • Nominate where you intend to lodge your visa application.  We recommend you lodge your visa application in Australia, otherwise your visa may be delayed, and you may not be able to return to in time for the start of classes.


Download the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) Request Form (PDF 146KB)

How long does it take to receive a new eCoE?

Please allow 10 working days for International Compliance to process your eCoE request.

Your new eCoE will be emailed to your RMIT student email account.