For postgraduate research students

Postgraduate research students may apply for an extension up to six months while their thesis is being marked. You should not be enrolled for this period and will not be given an eCoE. Email the SGR Examinations office to request a letter for you to provide to DIBP. The SGR Examinations office can provide this letter as a PDF and/or as a hardcopy for pick up within two working days.

Pick up: Building 91.2.1 City Campus

To attend graduation

If your graduation ceremony will take place after your student visa expires you can apply for a new visa before your current visa expires. To discuss your options, contact the DIBP.

To complete your program

You may need to renew your visa if your visa will expire before you complete your current program.

We suggest you wait until receive your results before starting the process to renew your visa.

When to apply for your new visa

You must lodge your visa application before your current visa expires, and before the new program start date listed on your eCoE.

We suggest you begin your visa renewal application at least four to six weeks before your current student visa expires.

If your student visa expires and you have not applied for a new one, you may be required to leave Australia.

What if your visa has expired?

If your visa has expired for more than 28 days, you might not be able to return to Australia for three years. If your visa expires, contact the DIBP immediately.

What if you have a ‘no further stay’ condition?

If you have a ‘no further stay’ condition on your visa, you will need to discuss your options with the DIBP if you wish to extend your student visa or stay in Australia after you complete your program.

What if your eCoE is invalid?

If you apply for a visa and your eCoE appears to be invalid, RMIT International will need to check all the details are correct (name, date of birth etc). You will then need to apply for a new eCoE.

How to renew or extend your visa

In order to apply for a new visa you:

  • Must have a new eCoE from RMIT (allow 10 working days for RMIT to process and email to you)
  • May be required to submit evidence of English language proficiency (allow 4 - 6 weeks to confirm a booking)
  • May be required to submit evidence of financial capacity
  • May be required to have a medical examination
  • May need to submit a Police Check
  • May need to renew your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSCH) to cover the period of your new visa

You must lodge your visa application online using the DIBP website.

Where to get help with renewing your visa

Information about how to renew your visa is available on the DIBP website.

Info Corner can provide you with general information about visa processes, but RMIT is not allowed to provide you with advice about migration or visas by law.

You can get advice on your visa from an Education Agent, Migration Agent, or Lawyer who is registered by the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA).