The Researcher Portal collates all research project resources and information relevant to RMIT researchers into a single space. It is designed to make your research projects easier to conduct while providing you with insight into how you can develop your academic career. 

The Portal provides an extensive array of knowledge articles, visibility of funding opportunities, access to the Research Ethics Platform (REP), contact information for HDR support services, FAQs pertaining to common issues faced by researchers, and much more. This content is regularly maintained to ensure you have access to the most current information available so that you can stay up to date.

As we continue to capture information relevant for HDR Candidates we welcome feedback from our users letting us know what they would like to see added to the Portal. If you have suggestions for content or features that would make the research experience at RMIT easier, contact the Portal team with your ideas through the feedback function within the Help Centre (portal access required). 

The portal is the place to: Where to find in the portal
  • Review your ethics applications, student publications, contracts and overall projects
  • Access the HDR Candidature Centre and the Research Ethics Platform (REP)
  • Capture research ideas
The icons along the left navigation bar – these tools contain your personalised research information.
  • Access research-related information such as processes, guidance and forms
  • Researcher Capability Development
The icons along the Researcher Lifecycle (top navigation bar) – general information is housed in this section, based on the research project lifecycle. Articles and FAQs can also be found using the Search bar.
  • Collaborate on new research projects
  • See all publicly listed RMIT projects
The ‘Collaborate’ section accessible from the dashboard.

Getting started in the Portal

The Researcher Portal is available for all researchers and HDR candidates at RMIT. If you do not already have access, you will need to request it by completing a Salesforce New User form via ServiceNow. If you are based in Australia, you can also contact the Service and Support Centre on 9925 8888.

For more information about the Researcher Portal, access our FAQs located at the bottom of the dashboard page inside the Portal.

Accessing the portal