Course guide info and changes due to COVID-19

As a consequence of courses being delivered remotely in Semester 1 2021, course guides may not reflect all course assessments and activities. This is because some information in the course guide is fixed, such as learning outcomes, and some may change according to the semester of delivery.

Please refer to Canvas for details regarding your assessment and activities for each of your Semester 1 courses and talk to your course coordinator if you have any questions.

About your course guide

There are two parts to your course guide.

Part A: course overview

Part A gives you a high level outline about the topics covered in a course, including course description, credit points, an overview of assessment, resources and learning outcomes.

Part B: course detail (access via Part A)

Part B provides more detailed information such as the teacher, campus, hours, instruction mode (e.g.) face to face, online or workplace, a weekly teaching schedule and detailed information about assessment tasks and resources. Part B: course details is specific to a teaching period, so make sure you are looking at the correct semester for which you are enrolled.

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