Why choose a University elective?

A University elective lets you:

  • add value to your degree,
  • pursue one of your interests, or
  • explore an area that is new to you.

Rules for University electives

Associate degree, bachelor degree and four year honours programs offer the following minimum credit points for university undergraduate electives:

  • associate degree: 12 credit points
  • bachelor degree (three or four years) or four year bachelor honours: 24 credit points.

You can enrol in courses with prerequisites and corequisites, however it is your responsibility to check the relevant course guide to make sure that you have met the requisites. 

You can't enrol in too many University electives. Your program only allows a certain number of credit points for University electives. If you want to take additional classes that are not part of your program requirements, you can do this as a Single or Short Course.

Some courses have a restriction on the number of enrolments allowed. Once a course is full you will not be permitted to enrol in the course.

RMIT University reserves the right to not offer courses that fail to meet a minimum enrolment of 25 students.

Search for a University elective

Use Electives Search to explore electives offered at RMIT, including University electives.

If you are wondering what elective to choose, the following scenarios might be helpful:

  • Astrid is interested in turning her art practice into a viable business and has chosen Business Planning as a University elective.
  • Irina, an engineering student, wants a broader understanding of environmental issues, both for career and personal reasons, plus the convenience of online study. This led her to Environmental Sustainability.
  • David is a bachelor of education student. He chose Introduction to Simulation and Virtual Environment, partly because of its applications in the classroom, but mainly for fun.
  • Annie, a business student, selected Language, Culture and Business Practice – Japanese 1, to enhance her career prospects.

Enrol in a University elective

To enrol in a University elective, follow the instructions under the heading Enrol as a higher education student.

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