Ask questions, talk to others and learn from what others are doing. You may be doing your placement or project on or off campus.

If your placement or project is off-campus you will be monitored by an RMIT staff member. These may be physical or remote (by electronic/phone call) visits. These visits could be to assess or support you as well as ensuring that your placement or project is going smoothly. Do bear in mind that both RMIT staff and employers may have time constraints that limit their availability for site visits so make sure you use the time effectively. Visits should not be viewed as something that takes place only in response to problems but as an opportunity to discuss and improve your WIL experience.

Regardless of where you are undertaking your WIL, you should always follow the Student Charter.

Sometimes personal or financial issues can get in the way of your studies. These can be even more challenging while undertaking a placement or project.

Discipline or course specific information regarding your placement or project is provided by your School. In the first instance, check your course guide; for further information see Contacts.

At RMIT a range of specialist services exist to assist you with issues that may arise: Contact Student Support

  • If an incident occurs whilst you undertake placement or project work:
  • In an emergency: Call 000 for police, ambulance or fire services .
  • If an incident occurs inform your partner organisation and your WIL Course Coordinator.
  • If you do not feel comfortable to contact them, contact RMIT’s Safer Community.