First of all, check your course guide to understand whether you need to find your own placement (or whether you will be provided with one). If you are still unsure, email the contact for your discipline. If you’re expected to find your own placement, this is where you find out how.

It’s important to know that it’s probable that you should prepare for your placement well in advance of your start date. You should establish now when you are expected to start your placement and take the steps to find it.

Applying for a placement is just like applying for a job. You need to put in the work beforehand to present yourself as an attractive candidate to be successful in applying for the role. Remember it’s likely you will be up against a lot of competition.

Go to Make yourself Employable to find out how to write an excellent resume, application and how to be successful at interview.

As well as academic requirements (completing any course prerequisites), there are other non-academic requirements you may need to satisfy before being ready for placement. Examples of these are police check, immunisations (Important requirements and details.)

To understand what non-academic requirements you must satisfy, in the first instance check your course guide. For further information see Contacts.

Once you have selected a potential placement, it’s likely you will need to send information to see your relevant contact so they can:

  • determine if the role meets the academic course requirements of your course
  • establish if the role meets relevant legislative requirements
  • perform a due diligence check to ensure the workplace is safe and complies with equal opportunity legislation.

Once the role has been confirmed you will need to advise your course coordinator of:

  • the location, date, time
  • the duration (start date, finish date and sessions or hours)
  • any payments required
  • your supervisor’s contact details
  • any academic or non-academic requirements you have/need to fulfil (such as academic prerequisites, police checks, immunisations, etc.) See Important requirements and details.