Studiosity – free 24/7 online study help

Until February 2022, all RMIT higher education and vocational education students have free access to a 24/7 online study support service called Studiosity.

Through Studiosity students can access up to 15 sessions of:

  • Connect Live – get help from an expert in writing, English, referencing, study skills, maths, biology, chemistry, physics and more
  • Writing Feedback – upload your draft and get expert feedback and Citation Assist in just a few hours. This service cannot edit or proofread your work.

Please note, Studiosity experts are not affiliated with RMIT so might not be able to help with all questions. If that’s the case, you should contact your Tutor or Course Coordinator for help. 

Studiosity is only available to students enrolled in higher education and vocational education programs at Australian campuses or Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Studiosity is NOT available to students studying at RMIT Vietnam or other partner institutes outside Australia.


How to access Studiosity

To access Studiosity:

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Click Study help 24/7 – Studiosity in the left hand menu
  3. Click I agree to Studiosity's Privacy and Cookie Policy and Acceptable Use Policy and click Get started
  4. Set your 4-digit PIN – you'll need to enter this each time you log in to Studiosity
  5. Select the service you want – from the Studiosity homepage you can Connect Live or get Writing Feedback

For detailed login instructions with screenshots, see the Guide to accessing Studiosity.

If you have questions about how Studiosity works, you can speak to Studiosity Customer Support using the green icon at the bottom right of all Studiosity pages, or access advice and answers via the Studiosity Help Centre.