Looking for textbooks? Browse the complete list of prescribed and recommended textbooks, then borrow, buy or rent what you need.

Semester 2 2018 textbook list

Semester 3 2018 textbook list


Search RMIT Library to see if a copy of your textbook is available on-shelf or online.  


Visit the Campus Bookstore online and order your books early to avoid disappointment!

10% discount: Log on to the textbook list link above to get your 10% discount code.

Charges for delivery: when you order online, you can select ‘Home delivery’ for a small fee of $9.99.

Other locations: You can visit the Campus Bookstore at Monash University’s Caulfield Campus, which stocks textbooks required for RMIT courses.

Click-and-Collect: Please note that the Click-and-Collect option for the RMIT Pop-Up store has now closed for 2018.

For all enquiries, or if you are after a book that is not appearing on The Campus Bookstore website, please fill in this form.


If you would prefer to rent a textbook, check out the Campus Bookstore's rental service for select textbook titles: these rentals must be paid for and processed at the Campus Bookstore online only.

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Specialist printing and binding

Need large-format or specialist printing, or to professionally bind your documents? Check out these places close to campus.

Near City campus

Near Bundoora campus

You can also use a printer on campus.