Choosing the right type of housing is an important decision. Explore your options before you commit, whether that’s signing a lease or other agreement, or paying money. Some things to consider are location, your budget and lifestyle. 

Purpose-built student accommodation is conveniently located and designed for student life.

Other housing options, outlined below, include renting and sharing, homestay and student hostels. For advice on finding housing that's right for you, speak to a Student Welfare Advisor at RMIT Connect.

Private rentals

Many students choose to rent a house, unit or apartment through the private rental market. Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities if you choose to rent.

Rental properties are usually unfurnished and the cost of utilities (electricity, gas and water) and internet are not included in the rent. 

You will need to budget for the upfront costs of furniture, bond, the first month’s rent, utilities and internet connection.  

Lease agreements are typically 12 months long, but this may be negotiated with the real estate agent or landlord. 

Places to look for private rental properties include:

Share houses

Living in a share house offers independence and flexibility, and is generally the cheapest housing option, making it a popular choice for students. In a share house, you will typically have your own room in a rented property, with shared use of the kitchen, bathroom and other common areas. 

Moving into a room in an existing share house is usually easier and cheaper than setting up a new household, as utilities and internet will already be connected, and common areas are likely to be furnished. 

Places to look for existing share houses include:

Student hostels

Student hostels offer furnished, lockable rooms and shared facilities. These properties are designed for university students and provide a social atmosphere. 

Some student hostels offer meal plans while others provide kitchen facilities. Utilities are often included in the overall cost. 

This list is intended to provide information on student hostels located near RMIT campuses. The companies listed are independent, private businesses and are not affiliated with RMIT.


Homestay is where you live with a local family, couple or individual. Your host will provide a supportive environment and can help you transition to Melbourne. 

‘Full board’ homestay usually offers a furnished room and access to shared facilities with meals and utilities included. 

The Australian Homestay Network selects hosts that will provide safe and welcoming home.  

Short-term accommodation

If you’re new to Melbourne, short-term accommodation provides a place to stay while you become familiar with the city and look for a permanent place to live.  

It's best to arrive at least two weeks before classes start. This will give you the opportunity to make an informed decision about the location and type of accommodation you want to live in long term. For advice about your housing options, make an appointment with a Student Welfare Advisor at RMIT Connect.

This list is intended to provide information on short-term accommodation located near RMIT campuses. The companies listed are independent, private businesses and are not affiliated with RMIT.