RMIT is a proud signatory of the Australian Sports Commission's Elite Athlete Friendly University program.

We understand that elite athletes might require extra support to successfully balance their studies with their sporting commitments, as squash player Christine Nunn speaks about in this video.  

As such, we offer two categories of support for elite athletes, plus financial incentives to represent RMIT at the Australian University Games. 

Read about some of our elite athletes

Why not check out some of the profiles below, including decathalete David Brock's top tips for elite athletes, then find out whether you qualify for elite athlete support at RMIT?

Do we classify you as an elite or emerging athlete?

Answer a couple of questions for us, then contact us if you answer 'yes' for our first or second categories of support. 

Elite athletes

1) Are you an elite athlete or coach with one of the following organisations?

2) Have you been selected at national level in the final squad of an Australian Sports Commission recognised and funded sport?

If you answer 'yes' to both questions, you may be eligible for:

  • financial support to attend a national or international sport competition
  • flexible study assistance.

Emerging athletes 

1) Are you a national squad member from an Australian Sports Commission recognised but unfunded sport?

2) Have you been selected and represented in a national level league?
Note: we require you to be selected as an individual athlete (not as a member of a team) by the relevant state or national sporting organisation.

If you answer 'yes' to both questions, you may be eligible for financial support to attend a national or international sport competition.


Read this before you apply

  • If you are eligible for assistance, it's for the calendar year you have applied. You can reapply the following year, if needed.
  • We only offer financial support to competitors (not coaches) and amateurs (not professionals). 
  • We unfortunately can't offer financial support post competition.
  • Flexible study assistance may include help with enrolment, timetabling, attendance and assessment, and alternate exam arrangements. This includes course deferral, leave of absence, adapted study load to suit sporting commitments, flexibility around meeting minimum course requirements, renegotiation of deadlines and external exams scheduled interstate or overseas.


Recipients of RMIT Sport Awards 2016

Catherine Skinner, Ashleigh McConnell, Victoria Mentoa, Monique Murphy (photo: Koby Hagenfelds)

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