Three steps to timetabling: plan, enter your preferences, review and adjust if required.

Preferential class allocation

The preferential entry mode provides you with the opportunity to indicate your preferred classes during the advertised preference entry period.

The system will work to sort all of your preferences in order to minimise clashes before reopening for allocation adjustment.

Plan your 2019 class timetable

11 June 2019

Although you can search for Semester 2 timetables now, from 11 June myTimetable is linked to your personalised timetable in ‘read only’ mode.

From this date, your courses are listed in the enrolment panel on the left side of the screen. If the list is incorrect, check your enrolment online or with RMIT Connect.

This mode allows you to look at your timetable and view planned times and dates.  No changes can be made in this mode.

Timetable Planner

The Planner tab, on the top menu bar, is where you can design, explore and save several potential timetables. Planner lets you try out timetables based on different enrolment combinations (e.g. different elective options) and to check for potential clashes.  Timetables generated are not a guarantee that you will be allocated to your plan day/times. For guidance on how to use the planner read the step-by-step instructions.

Enter your preferences in myTimetable

9am, 17 June - 5pm, 1 July 2019

Log in to myTimetable and select your class preferences.

The percentage next to each available activity indicates how popular a time slot is; the higher the percentage the less chance of getting that time as your first preference.

Preference your classes in order, with 1 being the most preferred. A minimum number of preferences will be required in order to get you the best possible outcome. 

**Remember to refer to the course messages for any important notes.**

If there is only one option for an activity, the system will allocate you automatically.

Don’t forget to save your preferences before moving onto the next course.

Preference allocation

2 - 5 July 2019

RMIT allocates all enrolled students to classes in accordance to their preferences.

During this time, you won’t be able to view or edit your personal timetable, but you can still view the public version. Search by course name or code to find timetabling details in read-only.

Review and adjust your timetable

9am, 8 July - 5pm, 5 August 2019

myTimetable will be opened for allocation adjustments.

Allocation adjustment for students will be on a first-in, first-served basis, so it is a good idea to log in early.  

The new swap ‘heart’ function will allow you to submit a request for an alternative class - if a space becomes available, this will be fulfilled automatically.

Don’t forget to remove your swap requests if you are happy with your allocations.

View your personal class timetable

All done! You can now view, print and link your timetable to your calendar.

The new LiveCal tab will allow you to link up your calendar with classmates and groups to coordinate study time.

Enrolling or adding classes between 2 - 8 July

The following processes apply:

Enrolment date How to timetable
After 2 July (5.00pm) but before 8 July RMIT will automatically allocate you to classes
From 9am, 8 July You will need to select classes on a first-in, first serve basis.

Although RMIT tries to minimise changes, timetable changes can happen. Check your RMIT student email for news of any updates or changes, and log in to myTimetable regularly for the latest information.

Email notifications are sent to students who have a preference or allocation in a class when: 

  • There is a change of day and/or time for the class
  • The class is officially cancelled

Need help?

For answers to your timetabling questions, read our FAQs or contact RMIT Connect.

For technical issues, such as access or paswords, contact the IT Service and Support Centre

Timetabling trouble on Canvas?

Go to Canvas and click on the help option at the bottom left of the global navigation.  

From there you can access the Canvas Chat or call the student hotline 24/7 on +61 1800 910 175 and staff hotline on +61 1800 861 359. These are both available to use 24/7.