Refund due to cancellation of enrolment

This form is for those students who have had their enrolment cancelled due to being a University debtor. Payments will only be processed if the applicant has an available credit balance and that credit balance is the result of a payment. All refunds will be processed in Australian Dollars (AUD). If the refund is being made to an international bank the funds will be converted from AUD into the currency of the nominated bank's location. Exceptions can include non-tradeable currencies (where the refund could then be paid in USD). Refunds to an international bank account can take up to 6 weeks to be processed. RMIT University is not liable for any variance from foreign exchange rate fluctuations or bank fees.

An approved refund will be processed, where possible, using the same payment method as the original payment. For example: if the payment was made by credit card the refund will be processed to the same credit card. Where payment has been made by credit card RMIT reserves the right to request proof of payment.

Note: refund administration fees may apply. Please refer to the RMIT refund guidelines.
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Note: RMIT is not responsible for any currency variance in foreign exchange rates or bank fees.
When you click the 'submit' button, you declare that the information entered on this form is true and complete. If you have elected for the refund to be paid to a third party, you accept that you have authorised RMIT to pay your refund to the nominated parties bank account. You accept that RMIT will deduct any refund associated costs from the refundable amount.