At the time of enrolment all RMIT students must agree to the following statements, which together comprise the Statement of student responsibilities:


1. The information I have provided at enrolment is true and correct and I am responsible for correcting any errors made during the enrolment process.

2. I must comply with University regulations and policies, the published requirements relating to my program and any directions given to me by the University regarding my enrolment. I have read the official Handbook (program guide) and related course guides for the program into which I am enrolling.

3. I acknowledge that RMIT reserves the right to cancel or amend my enrolment if I do not adhere to the requirements listed in this statement.


4. I acknowledge that official communications from the University will be sent to me via my RMIT student email account, or via announcements in myRMIT, or by post to my current mailing address, or by SMS (and to my personal email account for all graduation communication and it is my responsibility to monitor regularly this communication). RMIT will not extend or vary a deadline on the basis that I did not receive or read information sent to me.

5. I must keep my personal information, such as contact details (including personal email, mobile phone number, emergency contact details and, current mailing address), up-to-date for the duration of my enrolment and during periods of approved leave.

Fees and Payments

6. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to:

  • know what my current fees and due dates are by checking my online account and tax invoices in Enrolment Online
  • understand my options for paying my tuition fees, including the option to take out a HELP loan or VET Student Loan if I am eligible.
  • pay my fees on time.
  • be aware of the penalties (see below) that apply if I do not pay on time including the fact that:
    • I will be a University debtor and I will not be able to enrol, add classes, obtain a transcript of results or a Statement of Academic Completion, or receive an award until the debt is paid in full
    • RMIT is entitled to cancel my enrolment due to non-payment.

7. I acknowledge that RMIT reserves the right to provide my details to an external agent for the purpose of debt collection.

8. I acknowledge that if I accept Commonwealth assistance:

  • that I have read my government provided booklet for the relevant HELP loan or VET Student Loan
  • that the HELP loan or VET Student Loan is a government loan scheme
  • that the loan will remain as a personal debt obligation until it is repaid to the Commonwealth
  • that the loan may effect (by reducing) my net (after tax) wage or salary until the debt is repaid, and may affect my borrowing capacity until the debt is repaid to the Commonwealth
  • that the signed Request for Commonwealth Assistance form applies to a loan for the entire program of study at RMIT charged on a course by course basis unless I pay some of the tuition fees
  • that I may seek independent financial advice prior to applying for a HELP loan or VET Student Loan
  • that I understand that after the census date (for each individual course - unit of study - for VE students) I will be taking out a loan for any tuition fees that remain unpaid
  • that I understand the eligibility criteria for HELP loans or VET Student Loans
  • that I understand there is a 20% loan fee for VET FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans if I take up a full fee paying place (ie non government subsidised place)
  • that I understand that if my program is eligible for a VET Student Loan and it has a fee cap that doesn’t cover the total amount of the subsidised tuition fees for my program, then I will need to pay the difference in the tuition fees once I have exceeded the cap
  • that I understand I may be charged additional fees other than for tuition, such as materials fees, that will not be covered by my HELP loan or VET Student Loan
  • that I understand that census dates will apply to any VET units of study in which I enrol.

Student Records

Where appropriate, I authorise RMIT University to:

  • obtain details of my past results from other educational institutions and professional bodies;
  • release my trade enrolment academic and attendance records to the apprentice authorities and to my employer (if applicable);
  • reproduce, communicate, compare and archive my assessments for the purpose of detecting plagiarism.


I will take personal responsibility for my behaviour and act fairly, honestly, courteously and with integrity as a member of the RMIT community.

I acknowledge and agree to the terms described in the RMIT privacy statement and this Statement of student responsibilities.