At the time of enrolment all RMIT students must agree to the following statements, which together comprise the Statement of Student Responsibilities:


I understand that RMIT will engage with me:

  • via my RMIT student email account, or
  • by post to my current mailing address, or
  • by SMS, and
  • to my personal email account for all graduation information

I will regularly check and read all University messages, and will respond quickly where required. RMIT won’t vary a deadline because I didn’t receive or read information sent to me.

I will keep my personal information, such as contact details (including personal email, mobile phone number, emergency contact details and current mailing address), up-to-date during my enrolment and any approved leave.


The information I provided at enrolment is up to date and I will correct any errors made during the enrolment process.

I will follow the University regulations and policies, the published requirements of my program and any information given to me about my enrolment. I have read the Program guide and course guides for the program I am enrolling into.

I understand that I will require access to a computer and the internet to study.

I understand that RMIT can cancel or amend my enrolment if I don’t follow the guidelines in this statement.

Fees and Payments

I understand that I need to:

  • know my current fees and their due dates by checking my online account and tax invoices in Enrolment Online
  • understand my options for paying my tuition fees, including the option to take out a HELP loan or VET Student Loan if I am eligible
  • pay my fees on time
  • be aware of the penalties that apply if I don’t pay on time including that:

○ I will be a debtor and I won’t be able to enrol, add classes, obtain a transcript of results or a Statement of Academic Completion, or receive an award (graduate) until the debt is paid in full.

○ RMIT can cancel my enrolment due to non-payment.

I understand that RMIT can provide my details to an external agent for debt collection.

I understand that before I accept Commonwealth assistance I must log in to the government portal to read the government booklet for my HELP loan or VET Student Loan and be aware of my obligations.

I consent to RMIT issuing my Commonwealth Assistance Notice, outlining Commonwealth assistance I receive, electronically via Enrolment Online. 

Student Records

Where appropriate, I authorise RMIT University to:

  • obtain details of my past results from other educational institutions and professional bodies
  • release my trade enrolment academic and attendance records to the apprentice authorities and to my employer (if applicable)
  • reproduce, communicate, compare and archive my assessments to detect plagiarism


I will take personal responsibility for my behaviour and commit to the University’s core values outlined in the Student Charter to act fairly, honestly, courteously and with integrity as a member of the RMIT community.

I acknowledge and agree to the terms described in the RMIT privacy statement and this Statement of student responsibilities.