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Melbourne HE mentors are officially finishing up on Friday, 9 October. Some mentors will choose to stay available in Vygo, but if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact

Mentors will still be availabe for:

  • Business Information Systems
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Business Project Management
  • Mathematics for Computing 2
A group of peer mentors

Connect with a peer mentor

Connect with a peer mentor using the Vygo web app, mobile app, or both. You can message anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Ask any peer mentor for general academic advice. If there are peer mentors available to give you course-specific advice, your course will be listed in the app.

If you can't find your course, email for other options.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Australia as your region
  3. Select Log In With University Credentials/SSO
  4. Select RMIT University
  5. Log in with your RMIT ID and password 
  6. Select Programs
  7. Select Find Your Course
  8. Under How will you engage with this program, select I need a mentor
  9. Select Find Mentors
  10. Search for courses and Browse the Mentor profiles 
  11. Send them a message to say hi, ask questions, or to arrange a meeting 
  1. Search for the Vygo app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it 
  2. Select Australia as your region
  3. Select  Log In With University Credentials/SSO  
  4. Select RMIT University
  5. Log in using your RMIT ID and password
  6. Select Join Program
  7. Under How will you engage with this program, select I need a mentor
  8. Browse the Mentor profiles
  9. Send them a message to say hi, ask questions, or to arrange a meeting

About peer mentors

A peer mentor is someone, who has experienced the same subject as you and understands the challenges you’re facing. They can help you:

  • Understand your course content and how to approach assessment tasks
  • Prepare for exams
  • Get help with a range of computer applications, such as Excel, MYOB, Python, MS Project, SPSS, Java, C++, MATLAB, Catia or 3DExperience.

They can also help any student with general academic advice.

By working with your peer mentor, you will have an opportunity to find out how they achieved success with their studies and:

  • Build your academic skills
  • Create new networks
  • Improve your grades

The role of the mentor is to guide you in your studies. They are not tutors, teachers or academics, this means they can’t:

Students who excel in their courses have the option to become peer mentors. Find out how to Become a volunteer peer mentor.
Email with any questions about the mentoring program.

What students say about peer mentoring:

"It's a good learning environment and has a friendly atmosphere."

"Makes me feel connected to classmates."

"Challenges me to speak up about my learning."

"It's easy to ask questions in a smaller group of people."


Peer mentoring at RMIT (YouTube, 2:15 mins)

Find out how peer mentors are helping students at RMIT.

Study tips from RMIT peer mentors (YouTube, 2:47 mins)

RMIT peer mentors sharing their tips on how to study from home during the COVID-19 restrictions.

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