PASS is a casual student-led supplement to lectures and tutorials. It’s run by trained students (PASS facilitators) who have already been successful in specific courses.


Students and mentors attending PASS

What happens in a PASS session?

A typical PASS session is an hour-long study session in a classroom on campus and might include:

  • a review of the lecture and assigned readings
  • group work and discussions
  • problem-solving and critical thinking activities
  • how to prepare for assignments, tests and exams (or mock exams)
  • discussion of key course concepts.

Benefits of attending PASS sessions

  • Meet people in your course and have fun learning together.
  • Build new study and learning skills.
  • Create new networks and group skills.
  • Improve your grades through regular attendance.

What we don’t do in PASS

Work directly on assignments or assessable material.

What students say

'Good learning environment'
'Friendly atmosphere'
'Makes me feel connected to classmates'
'Challenges me to speak up about my learning'
'Easy to ask questions in a smaller group of people'

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