WiFi-enabled contact tracing

From 3 December 2020, all students, staff and visitors are required to join the RMIT WiFi network when on campus to facilitate contact tracing. Find out more.

Get connected

Connecting is as simple as:

  1. Choosing RMIT-University in the WiFi settings of your device
    • RMIT–University is available to RMIT students, RMIT staff and authorised visitors. This secure or ‘closed access’ network will appear in the WiFi settings of your device. It enables authorised users to access the internet and RMIT’s network.
    • RMIT–Support is the temporary network available to first time users of the RMIT community. This ‘open access’ network will appear in the WiFi settings of any device you may choose to work on.
  2. Entering your RMIT ID and password

For more information about how to get connected, see Getting Connected at RMIT. It contains step-by-step instructions explaining how to gain access to the RMIT WiFi networks, no matter which mobile device or laptop you bring on campus.

Forgot your password? Reset it.

For students visiting other universities

eduroam is an independent wireless network that allows mobility between educational institutions for authorised users. RMIT students and staff will only need to connect to eduroam when off campus at another institution. Instructions on accessing eduroam can be found in Getting Connected at RMIT.

Please note that if you are a student and staff from other universities, you can connect to eduroam while visiting RMIT.

For guests attending RMIT events or business visitors

RMIT offers free WiFi access to guests at RMIT events or business visitors.

1.   Event visitors

To arrange access for event visitors please submit a request for an Event Code to IT Service and Support Centre, providing the following details:

  • event date, start and finish times
  • location
  • approximate number of attendees
  • name of your event

Once set up, you will receive instructions on how to advise your event visitors to connect.

As the Event Organiser, you will also need to accept responsibility for the actions of guests using your Event Code.

2.   Business Visitors

RMIT staff can authorise internet access for someone visiting RMIT on business purposes. RMIT–Guest will appear in the WiFi settings of the business visitor’s device.  Once this network is selected, they will be directed to a web page, where they select ‘Sponsor’ and add some information about themselves and the email details of their RMIT contact. The RMIT contact or sponsor then receives an email to approve the guest connection instantly.

See  the Guest or Visitor WiFi User Guide for more information on the how to provide access.

Need more info?

If you need to know more about the RMIT wireless network, refer to the technical specifications.

Need help?

Request wireless assistance or contact the IT Service and Support Centre.