RMIT's Chaplains are trained multi-faith spiritual advisers who are available to provide support to students and staff of all faiths and none. If you're struggling with life events, studies, unexpected losses and conflicts, relationships or if you just have something on your mind that you need to talk through, our team will stand ready with a listening ear, a quiet space to talk and a warm cup of tea or coffee.

RMIT Chaplaincy is now available over the phone and online.

Our multi-faith prayer facilities have closed until further notice. Chaplains are still available to provide support, email or call 03 9925 2317.

About us

Find out who our chaplains are, what they do, and how they can support and connect you with your spiritual community.

Spiritual communities

Meet other students within your spiritual community through events, activities, and social clubs.

Meet our chaplains

Get to know our chaplains and learn about their background to make an informed decision about who to talk to.

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Building 46, 11 Lygon Street (opposite Trades Hall)

03 9925 2317

A chaplain is a religious minister responsible for the religious needs of a club, school, army, etc. - Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
The word is derived from the Old French chapelein, meaning clergyman, which was derived from its Medieval Latin equivalent: cappellanus. Its original form was the Latin word: cappella, or 'little cloak'.