Our services have moved online

Counselling is now available through different modes of delivery, including over video or the phone. If you have a booking, your counsellor will contact you prior to your appointment.

Booking your appointment

  • To make an appointment, fill in the online form and select ‘Counselling’ as the service.
  • A list of available times will appear when the form is complete.
  • You can cancel your appointment online. View your appointment in 'My requests' and you will see a 'Cancel appointment' button.

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Tel: +61 3 9925 5000

Appointment hours: Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm


City campus
Building 8, Level 4

Brunswick campus
RMIT Connect, Building 514, Level 1

Bundoora campus
RMIT Connect, Building 202, Level 2

Cancelling your appointment

If you can’t attend your appointment, please cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior. This allows us to offer more sessions to other students in need of this service.

Waiting for an appointment?

  • Demand for our service is high and at certain times of the year, you may experience a delay in getting an appointment.

  • If you live near Brunswick or Bundoora, you can book in to see a counsellor at one of these campuses for a more convenient appointment.

  • If you can't get an appointment at a convenient time, book an appointment with your local GP. Medical Hub at RMIT offers bulk-billing GP appointments.

What to expect

Counselling sessions generally go for 50 minutes. Together, you and your counsellor will set goals to address your primary concerns and every few sessions will review your progress towards these goals.

Many issues that students bring to the Counselling Service can be satisfactorily resolved in one to three sessions. Some issues may require further sessions, with regular reviews. Others may require referral to other services which your counsellor will discuss with you, including community agencies and other RMIT services.

Attending your first appointment

When you attend your first appointment you will be asked to complete a set of forms which includes:

  • contact details
  • enrolment information
  • questions about the issues you wish to discuss with the counsellor.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire which the counsellor will discuss with you in your first session.

Preparing for your counselling session

Before coming to see your counsellor, you could prepare by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the problem – how would I describe the issues or symptoms?
  • How long has it been a problem?
  • What have I done to help solve the problem?
  • What has worked? What hasn’t worked and why?
  • Who else knows?
  • What would they notice about me?
  • What do I want to get out of seeing a counsellor?
  • How will I know things are getting better?