If you are experiencing financial difficulty, help is available. Book an appointment with a Student Welfare Advisor to discuss your needs and explore financial support and accommodation options.

What support is available through a Welfare Advisor?

A Student Welfare Advisor will help you understand what support options are available to you. This may include: 

  • RMIT Student Hardship Assistance Grants – up to $1000 in vouchers or cash payments 
  • Emergency accommodation – for one or maximum three nights over a weekend for students in an emergency or crisis situation 
  • Government and community financial support – including Centrelink support payments and emergency material aid including food, housing and crisis support 
  • General financial advice – an Advisor can help you to understand your available options and also provide appropriate referrals 
  • General financial resources – an Advisor can show you tools and ways to help you budget and manage your money
  • Scholarships – an Advisor can help you understand if you are eligible for any RMIT on non-RMIT scholarships
  • Managing fine debt – an Advisor can help you determine if you are eligible for the Work and Development Permit Scheme, where study attendance can be used to pay off fines 
  • Short-term payment for students working in Hotel Quarantine (2021) – this short-term payment is for students who work in Hotel Quarantine and who have on-campus learning experiences for which there is no alternative (this must be confirmed by your School), and who are unable to access Government benefits. Payment is available to cover loss of income for a defined time period

What can’t a Welfare Advisor do?

Student Welfare Advisors cannot:

  • Apply for Centrelink or other Government support on your behalf
  • Provide financial assistance for tuition fees or material fees at RMIT
  • Provide references or support letters for accommodation or other applications

Book an appointment with a Welfare Advisor

You’ll need to log in with your RMIT ID number and password. Fill in the form and select Student Welfare as the service. A list of available times will appear when the form is complete.

Please note, all appointments are currently conducted via phone. Face-to-face appointments are not available.