With our strong links to industry, both domestic and international, our programs provide you with direct personal access to a powerful and diverse network of mentors.

Gain tailored career guidance and practical advice, develop your employability skills, receive industry insights, and build your professional network.

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Becoming a mentee can help you:

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  • discover career pathways
  • improve your employability

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Who are our mentors?

Our community of 1,000+ mentors come from a variety of different industries and organisations. They also have differing levels of industry experience, from recent graduates to CEOs.

Many of our mentors are RMIT alumni, who want to give back to the RMIT community and support the next generation of industry leaders and professionals.

Browse our community of mentors to find a mentor whose profile stands out to you, then connect! You can search for mentors by industry, organisation, location, areas of expertise, and more.

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