The study plan is a signed agreement between you and your RMIT Program Coordinator to approve the courses you will undertake during your global experience. An approved study plan ensures you will receive credit towards your RMIT program for your overseas studies.

If you are planning to get course credits for your global experience, you will probably need a study plan. Once you have decided which global experience program is right for you, you will need to:

  1. Complete a study plan (PDF) including course outlines where requested.  The program description in the online application portal Mobi will clearly outline how much credit the program is worth and the specific credit details. Please note, for intercampus and cross campus studies you will need to complete a different study plan form (PDF).

  2. Submit your completed study plan to your Program Coordinator (Business Central for College of Business students) for approval. If you don’t know who your Program Coordinator is, ask at your school’s Administration Office.

  3. Once your study plan has been approved, upload it to the online application portal Mobi. Don’t forget to keep a copy for your records.