A key selection criteria may appear in a  job advertisement or at the end of the job description, and is required as part of your job application. Addressing each point is your opportunity to show how well you fit the role.

Complete Job Applications to learn how to create and develop a resume, cover letter and key selection criteria tailored to your industry.  

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Tip one: prepare


  • Analyse each of the selection criteria to work out what the employer wants.
  • Brainstorm, considering your experience in different parts of your life eg study, employment, industry placements, volunteer work etc.
  • Seek advice from someone in your network or from a Careers Consultant for the criteria that seem challenging to meet.


Tip two: write

  • Provide evidence to support your examples.

You can use the STAR model to help in structuring your answer, which consists of:

Situation: describe the setting

Task: outline what you needed to do

Action: explain how you went about it

Result: describe the outcome.

  • Be specific and include measurements of your achievements, such as percentages of increased sales, or the amount of time saved by a process you streamlined. 
  • Write it up as a separate document for a public sector job application, or insert the examples into your draft resume and cover letter.
  • Quick tips help sheet - Key Selection Criteria