Are you eligible for a VET Student Loan?

Check the Australian Government’s VET Student Loan information for students. It's important to note that VET Student Loans are only available to students in approved courses at the diploma level and above.

Before you apply

Under 18?

You'll need to complete the VET Student Loans Parental Consent Form and submit it via the RMIT Student Connect portal at least 5 business days before your census date.

How to apply

Step 1: Meet all eligibility requirements

Before applying, you must ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements for a VET Student Loan. Check your VET Student Loan checklist in Enrolment Online (via My student record > Financial details > Manage Commonwealth assistance and optional loans).

Step 2: Let us know you intend to apply for a VET Student Loan

You’ll be prompted to indicate if you intend to access a VET Student Loan when you enrol in Enrolment Online. A notification email will be sent to your RMIT student email address confirming your response.

If you did not apply for a VET Student Loan during enrolment, but would now like to access one, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Enrolment Online 
  • Go to My Student Record.
  • Under the Financial Details menu, select Manage Commonwealth Assistance and Optional Loans 
  • Select Request next to VET Student Loans and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Log in to the government portal

Once you’ve requested a VET Student Loan eCAF, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment will send instructions to your RMIT student email account. 

Read the email and follow the instructions to log in to the government’s eCAF portal.

If you can’t find your email, make sure to check your spam folder. 

Step 4: Enter your Tax File Number

Enter your TFN or Certificate of application for a TFN.

Unless your TFN successfully validates with the Australian Taxation Office, your VET Student Loan will NOT be approved and your tuition fees will need to be paid in full to RMIT by the due date.

Can’t validate your TFN?

If you get an email advising of problems with your Tax File Number, immediately follow these instructions.

Step 5: Submit your application via the government's eCAF portal

Submit your application in the eCAF portal before your first census date for the classes you want the loan to cover.

There are no provisions to backdate your loan application if you submit after your census date.

Step 6: Make sure your VET Student Loan is approved

Your loan is not approved unless you have been issued with a VET Student Loan approval letter.

Once you submit your eCAF, with a validated Tax File Number, it will be approved and a loan approval letter will be issued to you the next day. Follow these steps to access your loan approval letter.

  • Log in to Enrolment Online.
  • Select My student record.
  • Under the Financial details menu, select View Commonwealth assistance approval letter.

Step 7: Know your VET Student Loan Program Cap

The Australian Government sets a VET Student Loan ‘Program Loan Cap’ for your program. This is the maximum amount of tuition you can defer to your VET Student Loan for this program, and includes any study in the same program at a different provider.

Your Program Loan Cap is displayed on your eCAF and on your invoice. Once you reach your loan cap, you'll need to pay any remaining tuition fees by the due date.

Caps are indexed annually. For more information, go to VET Student Loans Course Caps Indexed Amounts.

Step 8: Submit your VET Student Loan progression forms

  • You must complete all progression forms issued by the Government. They're issued in February, June and October of each year.
  • The Department will send an email to your nominated email account when it's time to complete your progression forms.
  • For more information, go to VET Student Loans – Student Progression Fact Sheet.
  • If you don’t submit your progression forms, your VET Student Loan will be cancelled, and you’ll need to pay your tuition fees to RMIT.

Step 9. Know and track your loan limit

There's a combined limit to how much you can borrow under VET Student Loans, FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP. This is called your HELP loan limit.

If you’ve reached your combined HELP loan limit, you’ll need to pay your tuition fees before the census date to ensure that your enrolment isn’t cancelled.

How to check your combined HELP loan limit
  • Find out your current HELP limit and how much of your HELP balance you have left to borrow by visiting myHELP balance portal.

Remember to pay your non-tuition fees

Your VET Student Loan doesn’t cover the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) or other administrative fees. You’ll need to pay these fees upfront.

Your Commonwealth Assistance Notice

RMIT will issue you with a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) within 28 days of each class census date.  A notification email will be sent to your RMIT student email account and your nominated personal email when your CAN is available.

The CAN will outline the VET Student Loan debt you've incurred and any upfront payments you've made towards your fees. If there are any discrepancies between your VET Student Loan debt and the amount you were expecting to pay, you have 14 days from the CAN issue date to submit a written request for a correction.

To view or print your Commonwealth Assistance Notice:

  • Log in to Enrolment Online and select My student record.
  • Under Financial details, select View Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CANs).

Starting a new program?

If you're transitioned into a new version of your training package or enrol in a new program, you’ll need to re-apply for a VET Student Loan following the steps above.

Need help?

If you need further assistance with VET Student Loans, contact RMIT Connect.