What you'll wear

If you're graduating at a ceremony, you'll wear the traditional academic dress of black gown, a hood or a stole and a mortarboard.

RMIT’s academic dress is based on the Oxford style, and exactly what you wear is determined by your program’s discipline and the level of award you receive, e.g. diploma, bachelor, master.

Scroll down for colours and sizes. 

For the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony and Parade

Pick up your academic dress at one of our Gown and Ticket events.
The cost is included in your graduation fee. 
Return As you leave the ceremony.

Not attending the Melbourne Ceremony?

Hire your academic dress

If you are not attending a graduation ceremony or if you've already graduated, you can hire academic dress between April and September.

Complete the Academic dress hire request form and email it to graduation@rmit.edu.au

We'll then email you a direct link to our online payment system where you can pay by VISA or MasterCard. Remember to bring a copy of your receipt when you collect your academic dress.

Cost $100+ $150 deposit.
Available  Between April and September
Collection and Return

When: Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm

Where: RMIT Building 88, Level 9 - 440 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000

We'll refund the deposit to your credit card within approximately three business days after you return the items hired (unless any items are lost, returned damaged or late - then we may retain it).


Purchase your academic dress

To purchase your own academic regalia (gown, hood/stole and mortarboard/bonnet), complete the Academic dress purchase request form email it to graduation@rmit.edu.au.

We'll then email you a direct link to our online payment system where you can pay by VISA or MasterCard. 

Please be aware that pick up and delivery is only available until the end of October. As of November, all academic dress purchases will be available for pick up only at the Gown and Ticket collection.

Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

Award Level Cost Delivery(only within Australia)  




$75.00 $25.00
PhD $150.00 $25.00

Colours of hoods and stoles

The colour of your hood or stole represents your program’s discipline.

Diploma graduates will wear a stole, while degree graduates wear hoods. If you're graduating with a double degree you are entitled to wear two hoods, one for each discipline.

Professional Doctors wear a black gown faced with the colour of their award discipline.

Discipline Colour Discipline Colour
Applied Science Honeysuckle Law White
Architecture Cherry Nursing Fuschia
Arts Magenta Pharmacy Opaline green
Business Heliotrope Public Health Peacock green
Design Silver grey Social Science Buttercup
Education Turquoise Social Work Powder blue
Engineering Spectrum blue Technology Spectrum green
Health Science Violet Doctor of Philosophy Scarlet red

Gown sizes

Your gown size is determined by your height and is intended to be loose fitting.

Gown size


feet and inches



5' 1" to 5' 5"



5' 6" to 5' 9"



5' 10" to 6' 1"


187 and over

6' 2" and over

Mortarboard sizes

You'll wear a mortarboard (or cap) made from black cloth with a folding crown and a black tassel. 

This mortarboard is adjustable and fits all sizes.

Doctorate bonnets

If you're graduating with a doctorate you'll wear a black velvet Tudor bonnet with a coloured cord and tassel.










Need help?

Email your questions to graduation@rmit.edu.au.

And how to wear it...

Graduate in academic dress