2023 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony

Everything you need to know about attending the 2023 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony: 3pm-5pm, Wednesday 13 December at Marvel Stadium.

The deadline to confirm attendance at the ceremony has now passed.

The deadline was Sunday 29 October 2023 (extended from 23 October). 

Key dates and deadlines

Date Activity
Sunday 29 October Deadline to confirm attendance at the ceremony.
Monday 27 November

Result release date for higher education and vocational education students in Australia studying in standard semesters.

You must have completed and passed all your program requirements by this date to be able to attend this year's ceremony.   

This means that some students will not be eligible to graduate at the ceremony. See the below FAQ 'Who is eligible to attend the graduation ceremony?' to find out more.

Wednesday 6 December - Friday 8 December

Gown and ticket collection at Marvel Stadium, 9am-7pm.

  • 6 December: College of Design and Social Context
  • 7 December: College of STEM
  • 8 December: College of VE / College of Business and Law 
Monday 11 December - Tuesday 12 December Late gown and ticket collection at Marvel Stadium, 9am-6pm.
Wednesday 13 December

9am to 12pm - Graduation Parade (City campus)

3pm to 5pm - 2023 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony (Marvel Stadium)

Eligibility to attend and ceremony fee

This section includes:

  • How to check if you're eligible to attend.
  • The ceremony fee and what it covers.

1. Students completing their program in Semester 2 2023

You’re eligible to attend the ceremony if you have:  
  • have completed and passed all your program requirements by 27 November 2023 and been marked as complete by your RMIT School by Thursday 30 November.
  • no missing results or credit transfers  
  • no outstanding debts to the University  
  • provided your verified USI to RMIT (higher education students only). 

2. Students who have already graduated in absentia in 2023.


3. Students who graduated in absentia in 2022 and didn't attend the 2022 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony.


Important: If you've already graduated in absentia, you won't receive a testamur at the ceremony. Your ceremony fee has been discounted to reflect this. 

You're not eligible to graduate at the ceremony if you:  

  • have a deferred or supplementary assessment scheduled on or after 27 November 2023
  • have an outstanding placement on or after 27 November 2023
  • have result release date after 27 November 2023. This is the case if you are:
    • an OUA student enrolled in undergraduate study period 3 or 4, or postgraduate session 3
    • an RMIT Online student enrolled in a standard undergraduate/postgraduate program and due to complete your final course(s) in teaching period 4 
    • an RMIT Online student enrolled in an accelerated postgraduate program and due to complete your final course(s) in teaching period 6.

If you're enrolled in Australia, you will automatically graduate in absentia. 

If you're enrolled outside Australia, you will automatically be included in the next local graduation ceremony.

Yes, you're eligible to receive a full refund if you let us know by Thursday 7 December 2023. To let us know, log in to Enrolment Online and change your graduation option to 'in absentia'. Your refund will be automatically processed by the end of January 2024.

The fee is different depending on whether you're completing your program in Semester 2 or you've already graduated in absentia. 

Graduating at the ceremony If you’ve already graduated in absentia

The graduation fee is $250. This includes: 

  • your hard-copy testamur (available to you at the ceremony)
  • complimentary guest tickets 
  • complimentary academic dress loan (hats can be kept as a memento) 
  • complimentary catering for the graduates. 

The graduation fee is $195. This includes: 

  • complimentary guest tickets
  • complimentary academic dress loan (hats can be kept as a memento) 
  • complimentary catering for the graduates.

Because you've already graduated, you won't receive a hard copy testamur at the ceremony.

Note: there are no discounts available if you provide your own academic dress, catering or a reduced number of guests.

Yes, your graduation fee will be refunded in full automatically. If you haven't received your refund by the end of January 2024, please contact us.

Yes. You have two options:

1. Defer your graduation to the 2024 ceremony

To defer your graduation (conferral) you'll need to update your graduation option in Enrolment Online from early November. If you defer your graduation until 2024, you won't receive your testamur and other graduation documents until then. 

2. Graduate in absentia and attend the 2024 ceremony

To graduate (be conferred) and get your testamur and other statements sooner, you can apply to graduate in absentia and complete the Expression of Interest Form for next year's ceremony. We'll contact you in 2024 with information about attending the December Melbourne Graduation Ceremony.


This section includes:

  • How many guests you can invite.
  • What your guests should expect on the day.

A maximum of 4 guest tickets are guaranteed (in addition to the graduating student). Extra guest tickets will be subject to availability and will be confirmed closer to the ceremony date.   

If you want additional guest tickets and they are available for your allocated stage, you’ll be able to collect the additional tickets at the gown and ticket collection days in early December.  We won't be able to confirm additional guest ticket availability until early December.

If you have guests attending graduation from abroad, please ensure that you arrange their travel visas well in advance. 

Due to specific government travel and visa requirements, we are unable to provide your guests with individual personalised invitations. 

If they'll be seated on a guest's lap, no. If they need their own seat, yes. 

No. Guests, including babies and children, aren't allowed on the arena at any stage before, during or after ceremony. This is due to Marvel Stadium OH&S restrictions. 

A graduate is able to leave the arena to attend to their child if required (e.g., to breastfeed a baby) and return to their seat.

No. Guests, including babies and children, aren't allowed on the arena at any stage before, during or after ceremony. This is due to Marvel Stadium OH&S restrictions. 

A graduate is able to leave the arena to attend to their child if required (e.g., to breastfeed a baby) and return to their seat.

Yes, there will be food outlets around the stadium and guests will get 10% off food purchased from these outlets on the day of the ceremony.

Please note that Marvel Stadium is a cashless stadium and will only accept payments via card.

We recommend your guests arrive around 2pm.

No, there are no reserved seats for guests. Guests are able to sit anywhere on levels 1, 2 or 3 behind their graduate’s allocated stage; e.g., if the graduate is presented on Stage B, the guests of that graduate will be provided with Stage B guest tickets.

Gown and tickets

This section includes:

  • Where and when to collect your gown, ticket and guest tickets.
  • How to wear your graduation gown (academic dress).

When: Gown and ticket collection days are organised by RMIT College and are on the 6, 7 and 8 December. See the table below for details. Don't know your College? Go here for info.

Where: Marvel Stadium - click here to download the 2023 Gown and Ticket Collection Map

College Date & time
Design and Social Context Wednesday 6 December, 9am to 7pm
STEM Thursday 7 December, 9am to 7pm
Vocational Education & Business and Law Friday 8 December, 9am to 7pm

Yes, you can also collect your gown and tickets between 9am and 6pm on 11 and 12 December.

Yes, you can. They'll need to bring photo ID and a copy of your ceremony confirmation email or your student card.

RMIT’s graduation dress is based on the Oxford style, so, if you're graduating at a ceremony, you'll wear a traditional black gown, a hood or stole and a mortarboard or bonnet.

Exactly what you'll wear is determined by your program’s discipline and the level of award you receive, e.g. Diploma, Bachelor or Master.

For instructions on how to wear your graduation dress, watch the video below or download the How to wear your academic dress flyer (PDF).


How to Wear Your Graduation Attire - Higher Education

A helpful guide to wearing your Higher Education academic attire when graduating from RMIT University.


How to Wear Your Graduation Attire - Vocational Education

A helpful guide to wearing your Vocational Education academic gown when graduating from RMIT University.

The colour of your hood or stole represents your program’s discipline.

Certificate and Diploma graduates will wear a stole, while degree graduates wear hoods. If you're graduating with a double degree, you are entitled to wear two hoods, one for each discipline. You'll wear a mortarboard (or cap) made from black cloth with a folding crown and a black tassel.

Professional Doctors wear a gown of black cloth faced with scarlet silk together with a hood of scarlet cloth edged with scarlet silk, and a black velvet bonnet with a red tassel.

Yes. When you register at your school/college presentation stage, you can ask one of our staff marshals for assistance (if required). Details of your school/college presentation stage will be displayed on your ticket.

What to expect at the ceremony

This section includes:

  • What to expect on the day.
  • Where to get help on the day.
  • What you'll need to do before and after being presented on stage.

The RMIT Customer Service desk will be located at Marvel Stadium at Gate 5 between 10 am and 6 pm on the day of the ceremony.

We expect around 50,000 people will attend the ceremony. It's a massive event!

Please arrive by 1.30pm to register at your college stage. Your gate and stage details are listed on your ticket.

Your guests may arrive with you at 1.30pm, but may also come later if preferred. We recommend that guests arrive around 2pm.


The weather can be changeable in December. Please check your preferred weather app the day before the ceremony and plan your outfit accordingly. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Yes, all presentation stages will be recorded and live streamed. The links will be published ahead of the ceremony.

Before you go on stage you'll be asked to line up in order of presentation. For this reason, it's  important that you're in your designated seat.

When you're on stage, you won't shake hands or take selfies with the academic presenting your scroll - as tempting as it might be! Instead, you'll doff (touch the front of) your cap. Please follow these requirements to ensure we get all graduates presented on time. Once you've been given the scroll, you'll face the front for a professional photograph with the academic. You'll then exit the stage.

If you're graduating at the ceremony, you'll receive your testamur at the side of the stage.

You must then return to your seat and stay seated until all graduates have been presented.

No, your name won't be announced when you're presented on stage. Your name and program/s you're graduating from will be displayed on a screen above the stage. There'll be 21 presentation stages running concurrently with 400-450 graduates being presented at each stage.

Yes. Graduates will be given a catering pack and drinks at their College stage at the end of the ceremony. Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan packs will be available.

Guests will be given 10% off food purchased from the stadium food outlets.

The ceremony will be very loud! There's a variety of entertainment including singers, dancers, hundreds of performers and a pyrotechnic display at the end.

We suggest you and your guests come with ear plugs as a precaution.

No. Out of respect for all graduates, staff and guests, you're not  permitted to leave your seat after you’ve been presented on stage. You must return to your seat and stay there until all graduates have been presented.

How to get to the ceremony

This section includes:

  • How to get to Marvel Stadium on the day.
  • Where to find facilities such as prayer rooms, baby change facilities and cloak rooms.

Map of Marvel Stadium

Download the map to see all Stages and Gates for the 2023 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony.

We're expecting around 50,000 people to attend the ceremony, so we expect that traffic will be extremely heavy. 

Public transport is strongly recommended as there is limited parking around Marvel Stadium. Marvel Stadium car parking is extremely limited (due to permanent tenancy arrangements and significant construction work) and the best way to access the venue is by tram or train.

If you choose to drive, please plan your journey and allow plenty of time for traffic delays and Metro works around the city.

You may choose to park in the CBD, including at one of the following Wilson Car Parks, and either walk or take public transport directly to the stadium.

  • Southern Cross Station Car Park – 163-235 Spencer Street, Melbourne
  • La Trobe Street Car parks – 300 and 380 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
  • Queen Street Car park – 189 Queen Street, Melbourne

Please visit Wilson Parking for more details including charges.

For information about accessible parking, see the Accessibility and special requirements section below. 


Tram services will operate before and after the ceremony from La Trobe Street to Marvel Stadium (Gate 7), and from Collins Street to the stadium.  Visit Yarra Trams for details.


You can also catch a train to Southern Cross Station and walk a very short distance across the Bourke Street pedestrian bridge directly to Marvel Stadium.  Visit Metro Trains for timetables.

No. However, there are lockers for hire nearby at Southern Cross Station

Yes, prams and strollers are permitted in the venue provided they can be stowed under your seat.

Yes, the parent room is located at Level 1, Aisle 3 and Level 1, between Aisle 22-24.

Yes, the prayer room is located on Level 1, Aisle 3 and Level 3, Aisle 17.

The RMIT Customer Service desk will be located at Marvel Stadium at Gate 5 between 10 am and 6 pm on the day of the ceremony.

Accessibility and special requirements

This section includes:

  • How to request accessibility and other assistance for you and/or your guests.
  • Accessible parking locations.

Please tell us about any personal requirements when you confirm your attendance at the ceremony. If you need to let us know after you've confirmed your attendance, please contact us at graduation@rmit.edu.au.

We can arrange with Marvel Stadium to reserve a wheelchair bay and an adjacent seat for a carer. Please email your request to graduation@rmit.edu.au.

Marvel Stadium is an accessible venue, which means that everyone can access all parts of the stadium including parking, toilet facilities and food areas.

We would strongly recommend that any guests with accessibility needs or other special requirements arrive in plenty of time to find a suitable seat on the lowest level possible. This includes the elderly, frail, and guests with mobility needs or medical conditions.

Please visit the Marvel Stadium website for further details.

Please email graduation@rmit.edu.au with your request an we'll contact you for more details. 

Please note that RMIT and Marvel Stadium don't hire out wheelchairs.

Yes. If you have an accessible parking permit, you can book a car space via the Marvel Stadium website

Alternatively, people with accessibility requirements can be dropped off at Bourke Street or Harbour Esplanade where there are external lifts from the ground to concourse level.

Yes, there'll be two AUSLAN interpreters who will appear on two large stadium screens.

No. Only service animals such as guide/assistance dogs are allowed in the stadium.

No, neither RMIT nor Marvel stadium have wheelchairs for hire. There are a number of places in Melbourne that hire out wheelchairs and we recommend organising this as early as possible. 

Photography and memorabilia

This section includes:

  • How to book a professional photography session.
  • When photography sessions will be available.
  • When to get your frames and plaques and other RMIT merchandise.

Professional photography and framing/plaque services will be available at the gown and ticket collection dates at Marvel Stadium.

There will be no photography sessions or framing/plaque services on the day of the ceremony. A professional photo will be taken of you being presented on stage.


Professional photography services are provided by Reed Graduations.

Framing and plaques

R&J Framing and Plaques offers a range of framing options and plaques to commemorate your graduation.

Gifts and memorabilia will be available to buy at the main gown and ticket collection days.

You can also buy RMIT merchandise from the online RMIT Store at any time before the ceremony.


No, studio photography and framing services won't be available. However, you will have your photo taken when you're on stage.

Other information

This section includes:

  • How to get a Visa Support Letter
  • Use of preferred vs legal name on your graduation testamur
  • How and when you'll get your academic statements

When you apply to graduate and confirm your attendance at the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony, you'll receive a confirmation email. This email can be used as supporting documentation for visa applications. 

Please note: it's your responsibility to organise travel visas for any guests wishing to attend the Graduation Ceremony. 

If your School advises that you've not met the requirements to complete your program, you unfortunately won't be able to participate in the ceremony under any circumstances.

It's every student's responsibility to ensure they've met all program requirements to be marked as ‘complete’ and have their award level confirmed by their School by Thursday 30 November 2023.  

Because the testamur (certificate) and graduation statements are legal documents, we can only issue them using your legal name.  

If you want to change your legal name in RMIT systems, you can do so by Friday 8 December. This will enable us to print your testamur with your updated legal name. Any requested changes made after this date can't be guaranteed. To find out more about the use of legal and preferred names at RMIT, and how to update your legal name, please go to the Update your personal details page.

Please note: The Graduation team doesn't have the authority to update legal names in RMIT systems.

No. You'll only get the testamur for the RMIT program you're graduating from on 13 December 2023.

If you're graduating from more than one program (e.g.), a Diploma and a Bachelor, you'll graduate and be presented on stage only once under the higher award (i.e.), the Bachelor program. You'll receive both of your testamurs on the day of the ceremony.

Your academic dress will be provided in the higher program (i.e.), Bachelor for presentation.

Please refer to Types of academic statements and how to get them for information on how to access and/or order hardcopy and digital academic statements.

More information for 2023 graduates

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Acknowledgement of Country

RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business - Artwork 'Luwaytini' by Mark Cleaver, Palawa.