How to apply

Step 1. Check your eligibility 

There are different eligibility requirements depending on your program, where you're studying and whether you want to attend a ceremony. 

OUA student? Read this first.

Step 2. Choose your graduation option

Decide whether you want to graduate at a ceremony or in absentia. 

Step 3. Log in and apply

Need help with your login? See bottom of page for details.

Once logged in:

  • Go to My Student Record > Graduation details > Apply to graduate/Change graduation option
  • Follow the instructions to select your graduation option and complete your application.

After you've applied, you can continue to log in to change your graduation option and other details until the deadline. 

Step 4. Check your personal email and contact details are up-to-date

Check that your personal details are correct, including your personal email address. We’ll send all further communications about graduation to your personal* email, not your RMIT student email. 

To view and update your details log in to Enrolment Online then select Update my details.  

*If you're studying at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), the email will be sent to your SIM campus email account (


Important: Transfer your emails and course materials from RMIT systems

Once you graduate, RMIT is legally required to deactivate your student email account and cancel your access to RMIT systems such as Canvas. Unless you’re continuing your studies at RMIT, you’ll lose access to all RMIT systems 24-48 hours after you graduate.

Before then, please save any information you need that’s stored in your student email or on RMIT systems to your own personal device or cloud storage.

If you don't apply to graduate...

If you don’t apply to graduate within three months from the day your school confirms your completion, you’ll automatically graduate in absentia.


Need help with your login?

If you can't remember your student number or are having issues logging in to or using the system, contact RMIT Connect.

Not sure what your password is?

If you stopped studying at RMIT:

  • less than 6 months ago - you can use your current password. If you can’t remember your password, go to Password assistance to reset it or contact RMIT Connect.
  • more than 6 months ago - your password will most likely be expired. Go to Password assistance to reset it or contact RMIT Connect.
  • prior to 2012 - log in using your initial password. Go to Password assistance for details.