RMIT graduation ceremonies

Enjoy the spectacle and fun of the Melbourne ceremony and parade or, if eligible, choose to graduate at one of our ceremonies outside Australia.


Melbourne Graduation Ceremony

Who can attend? All higher education and vocational education students
Date and Time 3pm Wednesday 18 December 2019
Venue Marvel Stadium
Confirm your attendance  25th of October 2019
Graduation fee $200 - covers gown hire, four guest tickets, catering 

If you pay the graduation fee and then decide not to go to the ceremony, you may be eligible for a refund. You just need to change your graduation option by Thursday 12 December,  and make sure your account is in credit.

Further details:

Note: If your result release date falls after the 2 December 2019, you're unfortunately unable to graduate at the 2019 Melbourne Graduation Ceremony. However, you may apply next year to graduate at a 2020 ceremony. 

Melbourne graduation parade

Why not make a day of it? Before the ceremony, parade down the city centre with more than 4000 RMIT students and staff!

Melbourne Doctoral degrees ceremony



Who can attend? All doctoral students
Date Friday 17 May 2019
Venue Storey Hall, RMIT City Campus
Application deadline Saturday 23 March 2019
Fee $200 - includes three guest tickets

Graduation ceremonies outside Australia

Graduate in absentia

Not going to a ceremony?

We get it - there's a lot to organise once you've completed your program. If you can't make it to a ceremony, you need to apply to graduate in absentia. You'll then be conferred (graduated) on the last working day of the month* that your school signs off your program. You will then receive your testamur (certificate) by registered post about two weeks later.

It's worth noting that if you graduate in absentia, you're unable to attend a future graduation ceremony for that program. 

*except if you apply to graduate in November or December, in which case your conferral date is the same date as the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony.

Apply to graduate in absentia when you're in the final semester of your program. 

If you don't apply to graduate....

We strongly recommend that you apply to graduate in order to attend a ceremony and/or get your testamur as soon as possible. 

But if you don't, it's OK. Within three months from the day your school confirms your completion, you'll automatically be conferred in absentia and receive your testamur (certificate) by registered post. It's worth noting, however, that if you don't apply to graduate, you'll be unable to attend a future graduation ceremony for that program.