You must notify the School of Graduate Research (SGR) Examinations Office via email at least one month ahead of when you intend to re-submit for re-examination.

The sections below set out the process for preparing your revised thesis or project.

Examiners will assess the thesis or project according to the RMIT re-examination criteria.

The SGR Examinations Office provides examiners with a copy of the relevant RMIT advice. These documents outline the criteria a thesis or project is marked against, and the recommendations available to the examiners.

Once you receive your examination outcome you should schedule a meeting with your supervisory team to review the examiners’ reports and discuss their feedback. You should decide in consultation with the supervisory team how you will address any amendments requested by the examiners.

You will formalise your amendments by writing a response to the examiners. This document will be submitted at the same time as your revised thesis or project, and once approved by your senior supervisor and Dean/ Head of School, will be provided to your examiners.

The recommended format for this response is as a table with columns that list the examiners’ comments, your response, and the page reference. While the presentation of this document is ultimately at your discretion, ensure you approach this document from an academic perspective and do not include your personal circumstances.

You must detail how the amendments were made, or write a reasoned justification as to why you do not consider certain amendments to be necessary.

When your revised thesis or project is ready to be re-submitted for re-examination, you must log into the Learning Repository, Equella to submit your work in the contribution "Submission of Thesis or Project for Examination or Re-Examination".

For your re-submission to be accepted in Equella you must have completed the Thesis/Project submission for re-examination approval form (PDF 106KB 1p). Your thesis or project cannot be processed for re-examination if you do not include this form signed by your senior supervisor and Dean/Head of School.

To re-submit successfully you will need to upload as three separate PDF files:

For details on the required formatting of your thesis or project please refer to Submitting your thesis or project for examination. Any thesis or project that does not comply with the formatting standard will be returned for changes.

For more information on lodging in Equella and a link to its log in page, please refer to Learning Repository - Equella.

You will receive a notification from the SGR Examinations Office once your record has been received via the Learning Repository, Equella. It takes approximately two working days from the date you re-submit your work in Equella to SGR Examinations Office confirming receipt. The SGR Examinations Office will notify you once the re-examination process has begun.

A re-examination is conducted by two examiners, who will each make a recommendation of either pass or fail only. These examiners will normally be the same individuals who examined the work for the initial examination. However, if one or both of these examiners are not available replacement/s will be nominated by your supervisor.

Please refer to the HDR Policy and the Thesis/project submission and examination process for further information.

Re-examinations generally take three months from the resubmission date to the date candidates receive an examination classification. This timeframe largely depends on the schedule of the examiners.

Candidates who need time beyond the standard 12 month period for resubmission can apply for an extension of time using the Request for extension of time to submit amendments form (PDF 178KB). Please ensure you provide your completed form to the SGR Examinations Office prior to the due date.

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