Emergency Contacts

Call 000 in an emergency for police, ambulance or fire services when undertaking your placement or project.

If a non-emergency situation occurs whilst on placement (or doing a WIL Project), inform your partner organisation and your WIL Course Coordinator. If you do not feel comfortable to contact them, contact RMIT’s Safer Community.

Contact for my WIL Placement or Project

The lists below shows email addresses you can contact to get information about your specific WIL placement or project.


All Higher Business Education

All Vocational Business Education

  • Contact your Program Manager

Design and Social Context

Global, Urban and Social Studies



Property, Construction and Project Management

Media and Communication

Support contact

Sometimes personal or financial issues can get in the way of your studies. These can be even more challenging while undertaking a placement or project.

At RMIT a range of specialist services exist to assist you with issues that may arise: Contact Student Support