Access your email whenever and wherever you are.


Organise your study and social activities.


Stay in touch and communicate quickly.


Create, store, and share documents, presentations and spreadsheets.


Provides personal and collaborative workspaces for classes.


Provides a means of conducting group work across different locations.


Offers easy-to-use templates and layouts for anyone to create a blog.


Use Hangouts to send messages, make voice and video calls, and share photos.

Google Photos

Share and manage your photos and videos with free storage and automatic organisation.

Accidentally deleted a calendar event? Now you can restore it yourself - visit the Google Help Forum for details.

Visit the opt-in web page and follow the link to opt in. Remember, your blogs are public by default. So, if you don’t wish to share with everyone, you can choose to make your blog private by clicking on ‘edit’ under the Blog Readers section in the Settings tab, and then choosing ‘Only these readers’ and following the prompts. View the Control permissions web page for further details.

Once you've opted in, to see the additional tools you will need first to log out of your Google Apps account and log back in again. Then click on the Apps icon, which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen next to your email address. From here, you can toggle into your additional Google apps, alongside your calendar, drive and other standard services. If it is not in the list of tools, click the 'more' button to display the full list.

For information about how to opt out or what to do with your profile if you are leaving RMIT, visit myCommunity.

Logging in

  • Your Google username is your student number followed by e.g.
  • Your default Google password is the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth backwards with an exclamation mark ‘!’ at the end e.g. 28 April 1995 is p19950428! You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in.
  • Do not check ‘Stay signed in’ when accessing from a public or shared computer.

If you have any difficulties logging in, contact the Service and Support Centre.

If you already have a personal Gmail account, you can easily switch between it and your RMIT student email account. To find out how to open multiple Gmail accounts at once and switch between them, visit the Google mail help site.


There are several known issues affecting the accessibility of several Google Apps tools. Please review the accessibility options for Google Apps for suggested work-arounds.

Help and support

If you require assistance using Google Apps, please review the frequently asked questions.

If you have any trouble installing the Hangouts plug-in, contact the Service and Support Centre.

You can also get help for Google Additional Services through Google Help Centres and Help forums. And the Service and Support Centre and support staff will provide ‘best-effort’ support.