Are you spreading your wings and moving into Melbourne on your own? There are a few costs that you will have to be aware of before taking the plunge. Below, we have listed estimated costs for a single student living in shared accommodation to help you on your way. These costs may vary depending on your circumstances and lifestyle. To help keep your head above water, we recommend setting up a budget plan and making use of your concessions!

Setting up your new home

These are the costs you will most likely encounter when moving to a new city and/or to a new accommodation.

  Estimated cost Notes
One month's rent in advance



It's common procedure to pay a month's rent in advance as a lump sum.
Rental Bond



Bond is usually one calendar month and therefore more than a 4-week's calculation.
Utilities/phone connection $150-$200 This will vary depending on the provider.
Furniture and household items $500-$1500 This cost assumes that whitegoods (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine etc.) are included. Always check with your landlord or renting agent if whitegoods are included; if not, you will need to purchase these items yourself.

Living costs

Living independently as an adult includes responsibilities like paying rent, bills, buying your own food and making sure you have transport to get around. Mind that the estimated costs below may also vary depending on whether you are frugal or a big spender.

  Estimated costs/week Note






The campus you attend and the type of accommodation you are living in will affect the price.
Electricity, gas and water $35-$140 Different utility providers charge different rates.
Phone and Internet $20-$55 (pre-paid arrangement or plan)

Internet may be included in the rent or it may be part of your mobile phone plan.

Mobile phone bills will vary depending on the plan you have.

Food $80-$150 You can reduce your food bill by shopping at discount supermarkets and local markets. Also, keep an eye on special offers!


$100 for car

Car costs include registration, insurance, fuel, parking, and maintenance.
Public transport (PT) Up to $55 This rate is based on a full-fare Myki two hour trip. Concession fares are available to eligible students. Depending on your PT usage, you may find iUse Pass more economical.
Recreation/entertainment $80-$150 This cost will depend on the choice and frequency of entertainment or hobby.

*Our current cost of living figures claim accuracy as at 2018. 

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