Preparation and practise are crucial elements for getting through the stages of recruitment. The material in this section contains current information and practical activities to assist you with developing confident interview skills and preparing for other parts of the selection process.

Sometimes there is more to getting a job than just the interview, so make sure you are ready!

Assessment centres

Assessment Centre are a recruitment process where a group of candidates are assessed against each other in back-to-back activities.

The assessments are held at the employer’s premises or at a recruitment consultancy, and can run over a half or full day. They are most commonly used by large companies and government departments, or when many people are being recruited at once.

The purpose of the Assessment Centre is for the employer to observe how you work; they are looking for your levels of self-awareness, ability to analyse information and situations, your comprehension of tasks, and how you operate as a team member.

Practice tests

Aptitude tests often check literacy and numeracy, but they can also test your creativity, problem solving ability, communication and other skills.