About the VE Careers Service

The RMIT Skills and Jobs Centre and the RMIT Job Shop have joined forces to offer a free careers service that caters to the needs of Vocational Education (VE) students.


What is Vocational Education?

Vocational Education courses at RMIT include Certificates I - IV, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, apprenticeships and traineeships.

If you are enrolled in any of these courses, you are considered a Vocational Education (or VE) student.



You are eligible for careers help from our team if:

  • You are enrolled in a Vocational Education (VE) course at RMIT (either Certificates I - IV, a Diploma, an Advanced Diploma, an apprenticeship or a traineeship), and
  • You are expected to graduate this year.


What can you expect?

Free consultations and ongoing careers support!

Book a 45-minute initial appointment with one of our Careers Consultants, who will continue to work with you over the year to help you achieve the below job-readiness essentials:

  • Help you define your career goals
  • Prepare a tailored resumé & cover letter
  • Assist you with your job applications
  • Match you to any suitable vacancies available
  • Interview preparation
  • Help you with your next study pathway options (i.e move from Certificate IV to Diploma or Diploma to Higher Education courses)
  • Book you into useful job-readiness workshops.


Our Team

The team consists of three Careers Consultants and an Employment Officer.

We are here to support completing VE students in achieving their goals and kick-starting their careers!


Book an Appointment

Book in for a 1:1 appointment with a Vocational Education Careers Consultant.

What VE students say about our service

"I have edited those few changes you suggested and think the letter and CV are looking so much better! I feel so much more confident now with applying for roles, so a massive thank you!" - Shelley.

"Thanks for our chat today, I'm feeling positive about my job prospects." - Bianca.

"The VE careers support service helped me clarify a few questions in regards to further studies in Higher Education and what employers may seek when it comes to applying for jobs. It also provided me with a few tips and tricks on how to make my resumé more appealing. The career support staff member was also very friendly, therefore, I would highly recommend this free service to fellow students." - Steven.

"This is a really brilliant service. I felt much more prepared in terms of what to expect in job interviews, writing a new resumé and general tips and tricks. Caitlyn (Careers Consultant) helped me and she was nothing short of incredible! I appreciate all her help and have been blown away by the support at RMIT." - Kelly.




Please contact the Vocational Education Career Support team if you have thoughts or questions. 
Email: vecareersupport@rmit.edu.au

Want to share your thoughts about the Vocational Education Career Support service? Fill out the feedback form here.


Information for RMIT Teaching Staff

The staff within the Vocational Education Career Support team offer in-program workshops unique to all RMIT Vocational Education courses. These sessions allow qualified Careers Consultants to converse with students and answer their work-related questions. These discussions are tailored to individual cohorts and include:

- Industry-specific career advice
- Pathways to employment 
- Tips for standing out in the relevent field.

To organise an in-program workshop for your students, make an appointment here.


Information for Employers

If you're an employer who would like hire an RMIT graduate, please book an appointment to discuss vacant position(s) with our Career Consultants here.


Online Resumé Assistance - CV360

Looking for some immediate resumé feedback? Try CV360! Upload your resumé to the program and recieve instant, detailed notes that help you optimise your CV and boost your chances of getting an interview.

Workshops and Other Career Services

RMIT offers a number of workshops, programs and extra-curricular activites that can improve your employability. These services are available to all RMIT students. Explore career resources available via Job Shop.