Get to know RMIT sport clubs!

Join a sports club at RMIT and you're not just keeping fit and doing something you love; you'll also make lots of new friends and you might even get to do some travelling too.

No matter what you choose, our sport clubs are great value and usually less expensive than other sports options you might find outside RMIT.

Checkout the clubs listed below and see what you're missing out on!

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Community sports clubs

Want to play competitive sport in your community?

Contact us to find out about the variety of semi-casual competitions you can join, including tennis, volleyball, basketball, futsal and more. Discounted membership rates apply. 

To join the following clubs who train and compete at Bundoora's Sports Centre, please contact these clubs directly:

Mill Park Boomers (basketball, juniors)
Major League Dodgeball
Play Futsal (open and juniors)
NFL Netball Competition (women's)
Plenty Valley Netball Association (juniors)
Thomastown Netball Association (open and mixed)
Trad Netball (open and mixed).

Start a new club

Don't see anything you like? Contact us to start a new club. All you need is enthusiasm and some friends keen to get involved too! 

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