Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Concession myki


To be eligible for a Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Concession myki you must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • have an aggregated load of at least 75% in each half year period. To find your aggregated load, view your Statement of Enrolment in Enrolment Online. 

You're also eligible if you're a student who:

  • has refugee status
  • is studying as part of an approved overseas exchange program
  • holds an Australian Awards Scholarship.

For more information, refer to the Public Transport Victoria website.

Ineligible students

You are ineligible for ths scheme of you're one of the following:

  • postgraduate student
  • international student*
  • New Zealand citizen*
  • Study Abroad student*
  • PhD student
  • enrolled in less than 75% of a full load in a half year period
  • RMIT Online student
  • OUA student
  • Apprentice or Trainee
  • RMIT English Worldwide student

*International students, New Zealand citizens and New Zealand Special Category Visa holders, and undergraduate Study Abroad students may be eligible to apply for an iUSEpass.

How to apply for a PTV Concession myki

1. Download your concession form

24–48 hours after your student card photo has been approved, you can download your pre-populated application form via myRMIT.

  • Log in to myRMIT.
  • Select the myServices tab.
  • Select Print your transport concession form.

If the option to download your form isn’t available and you believe you are eligible, please contact RMIT Student Connect via the online portal.

2. Submit your form in person

Take your completed form for processing to a Melbourne Premium Station (such as Flinders Street, Southern Cross and Melbourne Central stations), staffed V/Line station or PTV Hub. 


Eligible students can apply for the International Undergraduate Student Education Pass (iUSEpass) which is a discounted annual pass for use on public transport in Victoria. 


To be eligible for an iUSEpass, you must:

  • be an international student or New Zealand citizen, and
  • be living in Australia, and
  • have an aggregated load of at least 75% for both the first and second half of the academic year (to find your aggregated load, view your Statement of Enrolment in Enrolment Online), and 
  • have a current RMIT student card, and
  • be enrolled in a Bachelor, an Associate Degree, an Advance Diploma or a Diploma program

You may be eligible for an iUSEpass if you're enrolled in a full-time study load in one of the following programs and have a student card.

  • A Certificate IV program with a guaranteed pathway to a higher qualification.
  • An ELICOS program, and you apply for an iUSEpass up to 12 weeks prior to commencing an eligible program.
  • Study Abroad students enrolled in two semesters.

Ineligible students

The following students are ineligible for an iUSEpass:

  • Foundation students
  • Postgraduate students
  • PhD students
  • VCE students
  • RMIT Online and OUA students
  • Study Abroad students enrolled for only one semester
  • All students in the final semester of their final RMIT program
  • International students enrolled in only one semester, unless they also have an offer for a future eligible program (e.g. a student who is completing a Diploma program in Semester 1 and has a conditional offer for a Bachelor program in Semester 2)

How to apply for an iUSEpass

  1. Download and complete the iUSEpass application form.
    iUSEpass applications for 2021 are now closed. The 2022 iUSepass form will be available in late here in January 2022.
  2. Log in to the RMIT Student Connect portal.
  3. Attach your  iUSEpass application form .
  4. Click Submit.

Your eligibility will be assessed in 5 working days. Once processed:

  • A confirmation email will be sent to your RMIT student email account with your iUSEpass code. 
  • Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to create an account on the iUSEpass website .
  • Once your payment has been processed, your iUSEpass will be posted to you by Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

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